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Business Analytics

  • Accelerated
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Program Overview

    Gannon University is a student-oriented teaching university.  This philosophy guides our approach to curriculum design, teaching, and advising.  We recognize and understand the dramatic changes ongoing in the world of business.  

    This MBA in Business Analytics program is designed to offer students a more contemporary learning experience by infusing the application of both technology and data analysis into the business curriculum.  The curriculum includes courses that are designed to cover the functional areas of business and are infused with the application of technologies.  Students will apply the appropriate methodologies for analyzing big data in the context of a specific business perspective in courses such as business forecasting, financial modeling, and data-driven strategic planning.  The MBA in Business Analytics program utilizes today's modern business tools to analyze data and make data-driven decisions in any of the functional areas of business they choose to focus their career path in.  

    Graduates of the MBA in Business Analytics will be prepared for employment across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including marketing, supply chain management, human resources and finance.  Consistent with Gannon's entrepreneurial spirit, the MBA in Business Analytics will also include coursework designed to develop a student's entrepreneurial mindset, identify and assess business opportunities and even finance a potential venture.  

    Gannon University’s MBA program was founded in 1970 and our experience as the region’s first and largest graduate school of business has taught us some important lessons. Simply having a master’s degree, regardless of the type of degree or apparent status of the degree-granting institution, is no assurance of success. To succeed in business, individuals need applicable skills, an understanding of the world of business and an appreciation for work. Our network of over 1,400 MBA alumni is a proud testament to Gannon’s ability to make success happen for its graduate students. Gannon MBA Alumni include Presidents/CEO’s, Vice Presidents, CFO’s, Treasurers, and Managing Partners.  In addition, over 60 have earned advanced degrees, including doctorates from some of the most prestigious academic institutions in North America (Indiana University, University of Michigan and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Stanford University to name a few).  More than 45 Gannon MBA’s are currently teaching in colleges and universities.


    ACBSP Accreditated

    The Business Administration program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) an international accreditation body for business schools.

    STEM Designated Degree Program

    Gannon's Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics is a STEM Designated Degree Program. This makes it possible for international graduates in the United States to apply for an additional 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon graduation. To be eligible, students must have a STEM degree from an accredited U.S. school and must secure employment with an employer that includes a minimum of 20 hours of work per week and formal training within the STEM field. 

    This designation reflects the program's commitment to the traditional MBA coursework with an emphasis throughout the curriculum on utilizing today's technology for data-driven decision making.

    The Dahlkemper School of Business has uniquely infused quantitative methods into the traditional MBA coursework focused on the functional areas of business. Students start the program with a course in the Technological Environment of Business and then progress to using more sophisticated technologies in courses like Strategic Global Marketing & Analytics, Financial Management & Modeling and Organizational Communication & Data Visualization. The program offers students an opportunity to delve deeper into the foundations of business in an applied environment, and one where business and technology go hand-in-hand.  

    The ambiguous and complex nature of today's business environment calls for leaders with cutting-edge skills who can leverage modern technology to make swift and accurate data-driven, strategic decisions. Across a wide range of industries, our graduates are poised to add immediate value to any organization.

    Program Director

    Dr. Celene Kalivoda


    The Gannon MBA in Business Analytics is a professional degree program.  Students begin studies with a wide variety of academic and work backgrounds.  For MBA candidates whose undergraduate degree is in a field other than Business and/or have not obtained the prerequisite skills required for the core courses, Gannon has partnered with Peregrine Academic Services for students to take Academic Leveling Courses (ALC).
    An ALC is a course that provides a summary or overview of key concepts related to competencies required as foundational knowledge in the program.  As a program prerequisite, the ALC sequence ensures students have demonstrated an appropriate level of competency in order to maximize success with the MBA core coursework.  For the Gannon University MBA program, the ALCs will be completed by students holding a Bachelor's degree in a non-business field.
    The curriculum contains 30 credits of required courses.  The ALCs are not credit bearing courses, but upon successful completion, they will show on the official transcript.


    MBA Academic Leveling Modules (6 required)

    Required for non-business bachelor's degree holders only; Offered through Peregrine Academic Services:

    • Foundations of Accounting (GMBA501)
    • Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics (GMBA521/525)
    • Foundations of Marketing (GMBA531)
    • Foundations of Business Integration & Strategic Management (GMBA531)
    • Foundations of Business Finance (GMBA561)
    • Foundations of Microeconomics (GMBA571)  

    MBA Core Courses (30 credits) 

    • GMBA 615 Technological Environment of Business
    • GMBA 625 Data Driven Strategic Planning & Decision-Making
    • GMBA 635 Financial Management & Modeling
    • GMBA 645 Strategic Global Marketing & Analytics
    • GMBA 655 Socially Responsible Leadership
    •  GMBA 665 Operations & Supply Chain Analytics
    • GMBA 675 Managing Organizational Behavior & Dynamics
    • GMBA 685 Organizational Communication & Data Visualization
    • GMBA 695 Entrepreneurship in a Technological Environment
    • GMBA 725 Integrated Business Strategic & Analytics

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze data and apply managerial skills to identify business problems, manage risk, or identify and create new business opportunities and propose data-driven recommendations or solutions
  2. Display competence with oral, written and graphical communications, appropriate for professional business environments
  3. Demonstrate appropriate leadership skills while recognizing and assessing moral and ethical components and complexity of challenges faced by global businesses
  4. Translate and communicate results of business analytic projects into action that meets a desired outcome
Santosh Bhusal

Santosh Bhusal MBA in Business Analytics

When asked why he chose to pursue an MBA, Santosh said he plans to become an entrepreneur in the future, and he believes that a degree in Business Analytics will position him for success in a wide range of activities. After graduation in May 2022, he wants to work as a Business Analyst.

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Megan Loibl

Megan Loibl MBA in Business Analytics

When asked why she pursued the Business Analytics MBA, she said , “working at Gannon, I wanted to learn how to better track, analyze, and present data to further university initiatives”. After completing her MBA in May 2022, she wants to continue working in Higher Education, but with more well-rounded skills and knowledge to help her advance her career.

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Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas Masters of Business Administration

Ryan is pursuing his MBA to enhance his supply chain career by acquiring the necessary skills to excel in the field such as procurement, purchasing, supply chain operations management. Additionally, he plans to become a business owner one day, and an MBA will help him learn the “ins and outs” of how to successfully manage a business. When asked what his plans after graduation in december 2022 were, he said; “The military sparked a liking for logistics that I never knew I had before and I have come to really enjoy the field over the years. Therefore, I want to carry that passion forward and utilize my MBA to become a successful Supply Chain Professional.

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Courtney Brumagin

Courtney Brumagin Masters of Business Administration

"I chose Distance Education at Gannon University because: It was the most convenient way for me to still attend Gannon through the height of the pandemic and further my education. The professors and other classmates were extremely helpful during the last part of my undergraduate with that being remote and they were during my graduate classes as well. I enjoyed my time at Gannon and the professors that helped along the way. I do live in Erie and work a full-time job and I was able to juggle school life, work, and my social life all while finishing my degree using Distance Education thanks to Gannon."

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