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Program Costs

  • In addition to tuition, fees, books, housing, and the tablet laptop PC, this is a list of additional expenses that will be required throughout the program. Some costs may vary or could be added depending on requirements for clinical placement.

    Please note: the following are required and must be completed with appropriate documentation prior to clinical placement.

    Required Material Estimated Cost
    Health Physical $50-$100
    2-Step Mantoux Tuberculosis Screening Test $20 per test
    Proof of T-dap vaccination or tetanus booster within last 2 years
    Proof of Covid vaccination where applicable $0
    Annual PPD $50/varies
    Flu Vaccine $50/varies
    Background Check $65-$100
    Drug Screen $65-$100
    Child Abuse Clearance $50-$65
    Healthcare Provider CPR $40-$50
    Health Insurance $50/varies
    Immunizations / Copies of the following titers
    Rubella Igg $35
    Rubeola Igg $60
    Mumps Igg $65
    MMR $160
    Varicella $50
    Hepatitis B $32-$70
    Varicella Injection $150/injection

    The above list are approximations. The total cost may increase or decrease. Please keep in mind that the above health-related costs are for the clinical component of the program and thus are required by the clinical affiliations and not the university.

    Additional Costs
    Uniforms $100-$300
    ARRT Application $225 - end of program cost to apply for the national certification examination