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Radiologic Sciences Program

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    If you are interested in working closely with patients and using advanced technology to aid in the diagnosis of disease, the Radiologic Science Program can help you reach your goal.  Diagnostic imaging plays a vital role in healthcare by providing an inside look into the body to assist in the diagnosis of disease and injury.  The radiographer must have a solid professional knowledge base and skill set to effectively perform imaging exams.  The driving philosophy of program faculty is "best practice" - the method that is most effective at delivering optimal diagnostic images.  The program curriculum and faculty teaching methods promote the development of best practice so that students acquire the skills they need to enter the healthcare profession with integrity and compassion.  We believe that the blend of liberal arts and professional courses offered by the program can help you become a competent, caring health professional able to work with a diverse population. 

     The 24 month program consists of classroom, laboratory and clinical education. A comprehensive knowledge base and clinical competencies are achieved through a plan of study that focuses on increasing proficiency with appropriate supervision.  Upon completion of the program, students are awarded an Associate Degree and are eligible to sit for the national examination for certification in Radiogrpahy by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists which is required for employment in the profession.