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Oral History Project - Voices of Erie

  • Our Goal

    Gannon University and its students want to preserve refugees' personal histories and experiences. By doing this, we hope to raise awareness about refugee issues and help establish connections between refugees and the communities that host them.

    Due to internal conflict, millions of people are displaced from their home countries and forced to flee. This has created the greatest refugee crisis in our history. This project explores the following refugee populations:Bosnian, Syrian, Bhutanese and Iraqi.

    Who Does this Impact?

    The majority of those displaced are families with children. With no place else to go, they turn to the UNHCR for a chance to begin again.

    Erie, Pennsylvania has a large refugee population. The city of Erie has an incredible mix of people from all over the world.

    The introductory history class (consisting of freshmen undergraduate students) conducts and films interviews with refugees after learning about and listening to them in class. Senior seminar students then use digital editing skills to make finished videos of the interviews in order to preserve their personal histories and raise awareness.

    This information will be used for events and for scholarly work.

    Everyone impacted has their own story. 

    How Can We Help?

    • Donate to the Erie Office of Refugee and Resettlement
      • Money
      • Furniture
      • Basic food items
      • Clothing, such as shoes, coats, hats, gloves, etc.
      • Toys/ stuffed animals for children
    • English tutoring for placed refugees
    • Provide job opportunities within refugees' skill range
    • Cultural acceptance
    • Spread awareness of these global issues
    • Become a conversation partner

     Research Papers



    Refugee Mapping Project


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