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Environmental Science and Engineering Department

  • Welcome to Gannon’s Department of Environmental Science and Engineering.

    Hwidong Kim

    Hwidong D. Kim, Ph.D., P.E.

    Chair, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
    Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Business
    Z 424

    Welcome to the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering!  Our department offers several interdisciplinary programs that provide students with the tools and knowledge to understand and solve environmental problems.  At Gannon, we connect theory and concepts learned in the classroom with hands-on and real-world experiences in the form of fieldwork, internships, research activities, service-learning projects and travel opportunities.  Our graduates are in high demand and prepared to begin careers with government agencies, consulting firms, and private industry in the areas of environmental quality, environmental compliance, natural resource management and worker health and safety.

    Here is what make our programs unique:

    • Small department: Our program is a close-knit community with a high degree of interaction between faculty and students both in and outside of the classroom.  All courses and labs are taught by faculty members.
    • Proximity to the Great Lakes: Faculty and students benefit from our proximity to Lake Erie which serves as an incredible outdoor laboratory.  The university owns a research vessel, The Environaut, allowing students to  gain valuable experience with water quality monitoring.
    • Many experiential learning opportunities:  Gannon students are provided with numerous hands-on and real-world experiences in the form of
    • Strong industrial & governmental relationships:  The department has strong ties with local industry and governmental agencies.  These close working relationships have provided our students with many internship and employment opportunities.

    Environmental Science Students in the field