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English Department

  • The English major prepares students to write, study literature and analyze language while providing a path to use these skills in the working world. The program offers personalized curricular plans for students with different professional interests in secondary education, law, professional writing, creative writing, and literature. 

    Students work as writers and editors for award-winning publications: Totem, Gannon’s literary magazine, and The Gannon Knight, the campus newspaper. In classes, students write for the GreenEriePA website or other community partners that provide real-world applications in a variety of media. Creative writers have the opportunity to meet and attend workshops with nationally recognized poets. The English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta, offers community and the opportunity to sponsor poetry readings, service activities and other events relevant to the field of English.

    Department of English houses two undergraduate programs:

    Internships and Job Opportunities

    Students will be prepared to enter into both academic and professional careers. Our graduates are employed by Fortune 500 companies, research institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations. 

    Achieving the Bachelor of Arts degree in English provides the foundation for professional careers and preparation for graduate-level study in some of the best institutions in the country.

    English majors have broad opportunities for internships within walking distance or a short drive of Gannon’s campus. Internship options include:

    • Fortune 500 companies: Erie Insurance, GE Transportation
    • Local broadcast affiliates of national networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and NPR
    • Local radio stations: with formats including: country, contemporary hits, mainstream rock and top 40
    • Health care: Erie VA Medical Center, UPMC Hamot, Saint Vincent Hospital
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Local news publications


  • Ann             Bomberger

    Ann M. Bomberger

    Associate Professor, English Department
    Totem Advisor, English Department
    Associate Professor, Fine Arts Program
    +1 8148715366
    Office: PC 3226 | View Full Profile

    Melissa         Borgia-Askey

    Melissa E. Borgia-Askey

    Assistant Professor, English Department
    Assistant Professor, Education Program
    +1 8148715341
    Office: PC 3235 | View Full Profile

    Matthew         Darling

    Matthew J. Darling

    Assistant Professor, English Department
    Chairperson, English Department
    Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
    +1 8148717245
    Office: PC 3233 | View Full Profile

    Derek           DiMatteo

    Derek F. DiMatteo

    Assistant Professor, English Department
    +1 8148717867
    Office: PC 3231 | View Full Profile

    Denise          Divins

    Denise A. Divins

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department

    Office: PC 3224B

    Amy             Doty

    Amy Doty

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department

    Lauren          Garskie

    Lauren M. Garskie

    Assistant Professor, English Department
    Writing Intensive Coordinator,, English Department
    +1 8148717506
    Office: PC 3228 | View Full Profile

    Shreelina       Ghosh

    Shreelina Ghosh

    Assistant Professor, English Department
    Director English Writing Prg, English Department
    +1 8148715583
    Office: PC 3235 | View Full Profile

    Carol           Hayes

    Carol A. Hayes

    Associate Professor, English Department
    +1 8148717507
    Office: PC 3239 | View Full Profile

    Karalyn         Headley

    Karalyn E. Headley

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148715407

    Douglas         King

    Douglas J. King

    Professor, English Department
    Professor, Fine Arts Program
    +1 8148717503
    Office: PC 3236 | View Full Profile

    Ann-Elizabeth   Kons

    Ann-Elizabeth Kons

    Drct Writing & Research Ctr, Library
    Adjunct Lecturer, History Program
    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148715330
    Office: NL 007

    Berwyn          Moore Brooker

    Berwyn J. Moore Brooker

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    Adjunct Faculty, Honors Program
    +1 8148717504
    Office: PC 3230 | View Full Profile

    Kaustav         Mukherjee

    Kaustav Mukherjee

    Associate Professor, English Department
    +1 8148717869
    Office: PC 3229 | View Full Profile

    Patrick         O

    Patrick F. O'Connell

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    Adjunct Lecturer, Theology Department
    Adjunct Lecturer, Foreign Languages Program
    +1 8148715497

    Alexa           Palilla

    Alexa G. Palilla

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    Adjunct Lecturer, Communication and The Arts
    +1 8148715404

    Erica           Peterson

    Erica L. Peterson

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148715360

    Z Paul          Reynolds

    Z Paul Reynolds

    Director, Waldron Campus Center
    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148717217
    Office: B

    Laura           Rutland

    Laura E. Rutland

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148717532
    Office: PC 3230

    Becky           Schmidt

    Becky L. Schmidt

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department

    Office: PC

    Lori            Steadman

    Lori A. Steadman

    Director, Schuster Gallery
    Adjunct Lecturer, Communication and The Arts
    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    +1 8148715467
    Office: CCA 101A

    Kalyn           Zamierowski

    Kalyn T. Zamierowski

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department

    Lora            Zill

    Lora H. Zill

    Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
    Adjunct Lecturer, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience

    Office: PC 3227 | View Full Profile