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Student Opportunities

  • Internship and Co-Ops

    Internships and co-op positions for undergraduate and graduate students are available in local and regional industries. Examples of local companies with internship opportunities for ECE students include Wabtec, Solenoid Solutions, and Bliley Technologies. Students can work part time in local industry while attending classes full time during the regular semester and full-time or part-time internships during the summer as opportunities arise. Students are encouraged to visit The Center for Experiential Education to explore all opportunities available in the region as well as in the nation.

    Recent Stories from Students on Internship & Co-op Experiences

    Kyle G. | 21/Summer | Local Company

    Programmed a Universal Robot to increase assembly volume, designed an electrical cabinet for controlling a solenoid test stand. I programmed a solenoid test stand using ladder logic. Designed 80/20 test and assembly tables to increase production using Vention design software, constructed 80/20 tables and wired test stands. Collaborated with electrical and mechanical engineers in the design of projects.

    Kaylee H. | 21/Summer | Chicago, IL

    I gained invaluable experience using both equipment introduced to me in lab courses and new equipment that had never been introduced to me. Through courses like circuits 1&2 and electronics, I was prepared to analyze complex circuits and understand how they work in a bigger picture setting than the classroom. Working in a mid-sized manufacturing setting has given me new perspective into electrical engineering careers.

    Joe M | 21/Summer | Local Company

    I gained a lot of hands-on experience with hardware in the loop systems and simulations via matlab/simulink. Some of my duties helped me gain experience in reducing labor hours by standardizing existing regression tests. I created new test procedures to stay up to date with the company’s latest technologies. Resolving corrective action reports relating to customer failure in the field. Formulated and presented a design review related to the corrective action report. I piloted initiatives to minimize labor hours by developing a repeatable, consistent, and credible method to raise or lower priorities of performing any regression test.

    Wes N. | 21/Summer | Local Company

    My internship was a valuable and educational experience. I was encouraged to develop multiple important skills while working with them, from PLC programming (ladder logic) to development of Arduino code. But the most valuable skill I learned was time management. While working at the company, I was given a lot of freedom in regards to what project I was working on at any given moment, and that allowed me to prioritize different projects depending on deadlines and co-workers’ schedules.

    Ericca R. | 21/Summer | Local Company

    My internship consisted of designing schematics and PCBs via Altium. I had to learn Altium more extensively, ask questions, and understand the functionality of each component through coworkers and research and I am very grateful that the company has allowed me the flexibility to do so.

    On-Campus, Research Projects

    By participating in research projects led by faculty members in extracurricular settings, students can substantially improve technical competency. ECE students are encouraged to participate in such a research project. The following is a list of some examples of the faculty-led projects for ECE students:

    Near-Space Exploration via High-altitude Balloon Flights
    Point of Contact: Dr. Wookwon Lee

    Radio Frequency Imaging
    Contact faculty: Dr. Ram Sundaram 

    Software Tools for Assessment of Program Outcomes
    Contact faculty: Dr. Fong Mak