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  • The ECE department stays in touch with its alumni long after graduation. Several alumni return to the department and make vital presentations to the current students. These presentations include their experiences upon graduation and joining the workforce, their views on the state of the job market and industry in their field of choice, and suggestions on how the future graduating classes could make the most of the ECE academic curriculum and resources, as well as current local and global trends in the professions related to ECE. Alumni are also surveyed to determine how the ECE courses they took as students help them tackle problems at their workplace and how the department could incorporate changes to the curriculum to improve the preparation of the student upon graduation.

    • John Paserba, Mitsubishi
    • Dr. Greg Reed, University of Pittsburgh
    • Gokhan Bayhan, Manager, GE, Turkey
    • Vinay Mudiam, Manager, GE Rail, Erie, PA
    • Kyle Stott, Manager, GE Transportation
    • Steve Barnes, Manager, GE Power Systems
    • Mark Nyman, Manager, GE Health
    • Alan Adzima, MS, University of Illinois; Northrop Grumman

    Alumni Events on Campus 

    Alumni Involvement