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Gannon Eclipse Project

  •  Eclipse Team

    Wookwon Lee

    Greetings from the Gannon High Altitude Ballooning Team! We have been diligently working for the past two years in preparation for the total solar eclipse that will be happening on Monday August 21st, 2017.  With collaborations from NASA, Montana State University, and other universities across the country, we have been building a system that will be tethered to a high altitude balloon to travel over 80,000 feet to near space.  The system will include live streaming video cameras and a still image camera to capture the solar eclipse throughout its duration.  Our Gannon Ballooning Team will be traveling to Cadiz, Kentucky to capture the eclipse at the longest duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Over 50 teams from all around the country will be trying to accomplish this same task to live stream the eclipse along the entire path that will begin in Oregon and reach all the way to South Carolina. Although a partial eclipse should be visible from Erie, Pennsylvania, we are excited to share our plans with everyone and encourage you to watch the live streaming videos of the solar eclipse through the NASA website.  We are proud to represent Gannon University and are always looking for new experiences to share and bring to our community.

    Dr. Wookwon Lee
    Electrical and Computer Engineering