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Share the Air

  • Share the Air: Know, Honor and Enforce the Policy

    Did you know?

    • 1 in 4 adults living in Erie County currently use tobacco.
    • 1 in 20 GU employees disclose that they regularly use tobacco.
    • Nationally, over 30% of first year college students report using e-cigs over the past 30 days.
    • Smoking kills more people than illegal drugs, car crashes, AIDS, suicides, and murders combined.  Approximately 1300 deaths are attributed to tobacco use or exposure to second hand smoke ​each day.
    • An estimated 1 million college students will to die prematurely from tobacco usage
    • Nearly 70% of current smokers recognize it's bad for their health and say they want to quit.

    Our Why…

    Gannon University is committed to nurturing a culture of health and wellness on campus.  The hazards of tobacco are well documented among tobacco users and those exposed to second hand smoke.   Promotion of a tobacco-free lifestyle is an important step in promoting and optimizing the health status of our greatest resource - our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors.  For this reason, the University is committed to transitioning to a tobacco-free campus.   

    Definition of Tobacco

    Tobacco is defined as any combustible or non-combustible product containing tobacco or tobacco-like substances including but not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes (including all vaping or other electronically heated products),cigars, cigarillos, marijuana, pipes, hookah, as well as oral and nasal tobacco (spit, and spitless, smokeless, chew, snuff…).  Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

    Smoke Free, Tobacco Free and Vape Free

    Policy Details


    Use of tobacco is prohibited on all University owned, operated, or leased property.   This includes all University vehicles, buildings, outdoor walkways, green spaces, and sidewalks unless area is otherwise designated as a "tobacco area".  Use of tobacco is also prohibited in personal vehicles parked in University owned, operated, or leased parking lots.

    • This policy applies to all Gannon students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors at all times (24 hours a day -7 days a week).
    • The University will not advertise or accept sponsorship from tobacco corporations. 
    • The distribution or sale of tobacco products is prohibited on campus. 

    Tobacco Cessation Assistance

    Tobacco cessation programs, referrals, and resources are free and readily available to all members of the Gannon community who have the desire to stop using tobacco. Contact the Gannon University Health and Counseling Center (814-871-7622), the Northwest Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Program (814-451-6700), or the PA Free Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) for more information.


    The intention behind this policy is to promote a healthy environment for all who study, work, live, and visit our campus.  The success of this policy is dependent on the consideration and cooperation of tobacco and non-tobacco users.  All students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors have a shared responsibility to know the policy, honor the policy, and enforce the policy.

    Additional Information

    Please contact Mary Jean Taylor at for any questions regarding this policy.