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Applying for Housing

  • Applying for New Students

    Incoming students apply for Housing through the myHousing portal on Through this portal you will fill out your application and contract for living on campus. This provides an opportunity for you to list your room type and hall preference between our two communities that house our First Year students: Finegan Hall and North Hall. Transfer and graduate students should email for housing options. This is also were you search for and request roommates, and select a meal plan. Please watch our video for detailed instructions.

    Applying for Returning Students

    Many students choose to stay on campus for their entire time with Gannon! At the beginning of each Spring semester, the Office of Residence Life distributes information materials for students who are looking to stay on campus the following year. These information sessions tell returning students everything they need to know about the reapplication process, what kinds of properties are available, and presents an opportunity for students to ask questions directly to our professional staff members. Returning students must still complete an online contract through the myHousing portal at, but also have an application on the EngageU page  for the Office of Residence Life to list accommodation preferences.