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International Travel Reporting

  • Travel Reporting


    Any Gannon employee planning to travel to a destination with a CDC travel health notice of level 3 or higher or to a state from which a two-week quarantine is recommended by the state of Pennsylvania must register travel plans in advance using this form. This also applies if you travel via airline or cruise ship. This applies for personal or work-related travel, and this information should also be shared with your supervisor.

    This information will be used to determine if a self-quarantine will be necessary after your trip and prior to returning to the Erie or Ruskin campuses. Please complete the form below to notify the appropriate Gannon contacts who will then work with you for further accommodations.


    Full Name

    Email Address

    Phone Number (Optional)

    What is your preferred contact method?


    Which campus do you attend or work at?


    Do you live on campus?

    Where did you Travel?


    Dates Traveled (example: 3/1/20 - 3/4/20)

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