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Mengzhong Zhang

  • Associate Professor
    Master of Public Admin

Dr. Mengzhong Zhang is an Associate Professor and MPA Program Director at Gannon University, USA. Previously, he was the Associate Dean at the School of Public Affairs and Administration of Rutgers University-Newark, USA. He served as a Research Professor and Master's Degree Program Director at the School of Public Policy of the University of Maryland at College Park, USA.

Courses Taught

At Gannon University


I have taught the following Courses:


GMPA 510 Introduction to Public Administration

GMPA 610 Public Budgeting Systems

GMPA 630 The Public Policy Cycles

GMPA 799 Research in Public Administration

GMPA 797 Public Administration Capstone Project


Educational History

Rutgers University-Newark, Public Administration, Ph.D. 2004

Renmin University of China, Public Administration, M.A. 1991

Lanzhou University, Nuclear Physics, B.S.  1984

Professional Societies

Dr. Mengzhong Zhang has been a member of American Society for Public Administration since 1997


Selected Publications:

• Holzer, M. & Zhang, M. (2019).  Reflections on the Continued Relevance of Selected Articles Authored by Western Scholars in the First Decade of the Chinese Public Administration Review (2002-2009) .  Chinese Public Administration Review, 10 (2), 5-7.

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