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My name is Musa Tuzuner. I have worked various national and international law enforcement and security organizations, and academic and research institutions since 1990.  In government sector, I worked, specifically, in law enforcement, counterterrorism, and intelligence fields. I took leading position in planning and carrying out counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations. Furthermore, I supported Interpol in tracking criminals and capturing kingpins of illegal networks and participated in UN Peacekeeping Operations in Kosovo. I retired as Police Chief Inspector General in Turkey.

I obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from Kent State University with the Dissertation Award in recognition of my outstanding research in intelligence cooperation. My research interests include Governmental failure, international event data developments, intelligence theory, anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing.

I have built the “United States’ International Intelligence Behavior (USIIB)” datasets and “Turkish Foreign Affairs Event Data (TFAED)”. Furthermore, I have received funding from the European Union and NATO to organize workshops and conferences on Democratic Values and Intelligence Practices.
I founded and directed many academic programs in different universities. These are respectively, Intelligence Studies Research Center at the Turkish National Police Academy, Intelligence Studies Master program at the Turkish National Police Academy, and Anti-Money Laundering Minor Program at Mercyhurst University.

Recently, I have built two academic programs— ‘Anti-Money Laundering Online Graduate Certificate Program’ and ‘Applied Intelligence Program’ at Gannon University.

I love to explore different cultural places and socialize with people.

My lifetime goal is to solve problems in a genius way and educate future talent intelligently.