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Luke J. Rosielle

  • Associate Professor
    Psychology Program
  • Chairperson
    Psychology Program
  • UG Program Director
    Psychology Program
  • Introductory Psychology Honors
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Advanced Experimental Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Human Factors Psychology
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, December, 2002. Iowa State University
  • Degree: M.S. in Experimental Psychology, August, 1998. Iowa State University
  • Degree: B.S. (with distinction) in Psychology, 1994. Iowa State University
  • Rosielle, L. J., & Hite, L. (2009). The caricature effect in drawing: Evidence for the use of categorical relations when drawing abstract pictures. Perception, 38, 375-375.
  • Rosielle, L. J., & Scaggs, W. J. (2008). What if they knocked down the library and nobody noticed?  The failure to detect large changes to familiar scenes.  Memory, 16(2), 115-124.
  • Rosielle, L. J., Crabb, B. T., & Cooper, E. E. (2002). Attentional coding of categorical  relations in scene perception: Evidence from the flicker paradigm.  Psychonomic  Bulletin and Review, 9(3), 319-326.
  • Brooks, B. E., Rosielle, L. J., & Cooper, E. E. (2002). The priming of face recognition  after metric transformations.  Perception, 31, 297-313.
  • Rosielle, L. J., & Cooper E. E. (2001). The categorical perception of relative orientation in  visual object recognition.  Memory and Cognition, 29, 68-82.

My primary research interests concern how people remember aspects of their visual world, such as differnet locations, common every-day objects, and other people's faces.  In addition, I am interested in the beiiefs and attitudes people hold towards science, evolution, and people of non-religious orientations. 

Luke            J. Rosielle

Phone: 814-871-7472
Office: PC 2230

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