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Jennifer L. Popa

  • Assistant Professor
    English Department

Jennifer Popa earned her Ph.D. in English at Texas Tech University and did her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. While she is from Michigan originally, she made homes for herself in Seattle, Hiroshima, Fairbanks, Austin, and Lubbock, Texas before moving to Erie. When not teaching, Jennifer is busy revising a collection of short stories and puttering her way through a novel. Some of Jennifer's most recent writing can be found at The Florida Review, West Branch, Ninth Letter and Sundog Lit. She can be found at

ENGL 101: Foundations of Academic Writing

LENG 111: College Composition

LENG 112: Critical Analysis & Composition

ENGL 220: Creative Writing

ENGL 312: Poetry Writing Workshop

ENGL 313: Fiction Writing Workshop

Texas Tech University, Ph.D. in English, Playthings: Stories, 2021

University of Alaska Fairbanks, MFA Creative Writing, The Lost Boys of the Shirley Marie: Stories, 2014

Michigan State University, BA English, 2005

- “Make an X, Then Another,” Flash Fiction Online, November 2022.
- “Pity the Mammal Who Accepted the Blessing That Was Never Hers to Keep,” Ninth Letter, Winter 2021.
- “The Lost Boys of the Shirley Marie,” West Branch, Spring 2021.
- “Playthings,” Bellingham Review, Spring 2021.
- “A Flesh Like Ours,” The Citron Review, Citron 10: Celebrating 10 Years of the Short Form, Fall 2019, (reprint).
- “The Jumper and the Gaijin,” Berkeley Fiction Review, Spring 2019.
- “There’s No Use Believing in a God Who Doesn’t Believe in You,” Pithead Chapel, April 2019.
- “Of Possible Vacancies,” Juked, December 2018.
- “If the Wind Should Ever Be Lonely,” Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine, December 2017.
- “Useless Prey,” Watershed Review, December 2017.
- “The Current,” The Boiler, October 2017
- “Other Kinds of Freezing,” Monkeybicycle, December 2016.
- “Pipe People,” Grist, Spring 2016.
- “On Butchers,” Fiction Southeast, Spring 2016.
- “A Flesh Like Ours,” The Citron Review, Fall 2014.
- “Conversing with Whales,” Green Briar Review, Summer 2014, Issue 2.2.

- “Plum: (adjective) Considered Very Good or Worth Having,” Marrow Magazine, Fall 2021.
- “Unwell,” The Florida Review, Spring 2020.
- “Because the Story Began as a Body,” Talking Writing, Fall 2018.
- “For the Child Learning That Everyone She Ever Comes to Know Will Die,” apt, April 2018.
- “American Gothic,” decomP, April 2018.

- “Morsel,” Moon City Review, Fall 2021.
- “Poet Husbandry,” Sundog Lit, September 2020.
- “When Flora Dreams of Fauna,” Kestrel, Winter 2018.
- “Harm,” Kestrel, Winter 2018.
- “How to Love the One Who Is Dying,” Atticus Review, March 2018.

- A review of Luke Dani Blue’s Pretend It’s My Body: Stories, forthcoming in Colorado Review, Winter 2022.
- A review of Jennifer Fliss’ The Predatory Animal Ball, Colorado Review, Summer 2022.
- A review of Matt Cashion’s Last Words of the Holy Ghost, Colorado Review, Spring 2019.
- A review of Ruth Joffre’s Night Beast and Other Stories, Colorado Review, Winter 2019.
- “The Vessel of Robert Crofts: Autobiographical Fiction as a Palimpsest, Antipodes, Winter 2019.
- A review of Daisy Johnson’s Fen, Colorado Review, Winter 2018.
- “With Grace, Gumption, and Grit: A Review of Bonnie Jo Campbell’s Mothers, Tell Your Daughters,” Permafrost Magazine, Spring 2017.
- “In the Quiet Company of a Dreamer,” Antipodes, June 2016.
- “Eight Broken and the Unspoken: A Peephole into a Love Affair With China,” Antipodes, June 2015.
- “Only the Cracked Converge at the Cat’s Pajamas: A Review of Marie-Helene Bertino’s 2A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas,” Permafrost Magazine, Spring 2015.
- “Images Locking and Unlocking in Hyper Reality,” Antipodes, December 2014.
- “Haunting Disquiet: A Review of Elizabeth Hand’s Errantry: Strange Stories,” in Permafrost Magazine, Winter Print 2012, 35.1.

- “Contributor Q&A with Jennifer Popa,” Sundog Lit, February 2021.
- “Interview with 2015 Fiction Prize Finalist Jennifer Popa,” Indiana Review, October 2016.

Jennifer        L. Popa

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