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Jason A. Mitchell

  • Assistant Professor
    Philosophy Department
  • Assistant Professor
    Theology Department
  • Assistant Professor
    Pastoral Studies
  • Introduction to Philosophy (LPHI 131)
  • The Bible: An Introduction (LTHE 201)
  • Foundations of Theology and Christian Morality (LTHE 101)
  • History of Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 271)
  • History of Medieval Philosophy (PHIL 273)
  • History of Modern Philosophy (PHIL 280)
  • History of Contemporary Philosophy (PHIL 286)
  • Introduction to Metaphysics (PHIL 350)
  • The Theology of John and Paul (LTHE 367)
  • Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, PhL, 2007
  • Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, PhD, 2010
  • Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, STL, 2014
  • Being and Participation: The Method and Structure of Metaphysical Reflection according to Cornelio Fabro, Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum, Rome 2013.
  • “Reception of the updated mission of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas”, Información Filosófica 3 (2006), 93-100.
  • Resolutio secundum rem, the Dionysian triplex via, and Thomistic Philosophical Theology,” in Proceedings Metaphysics 2009, Editorial Dykinson, Madrid 2011, 398-406.
  • “The Method of resolutio and the Structure of the Five Ways,” Alpha Omega 15 (2012), 339- 381.
  • "The Assumption of Mary into Heaven according to Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI: Biblical Foundations and Eschatological Themes", Alpha Omega 15 (2012), pp. 301-317.
  • “Aquinas on the Ontological and Theological Foundation of the Transcendentals,” Alpha Omega 16 (2013), 39-78.
  • “From Aristotle’s Four Causes to Aquinas’ Ultimate Causes of Being: Modern Interpretations,” Alpha Omega 16 (2013), 399-414.
  • “Stanley L. Jaki on Thomistic Metaphysics,” in Commemorazione di Padre Stanley L. Jaki, OSB, nel primo anniversario della sua morte, a cura di R. Pascual – A. Colombo, APRA – IF Press, Roma 2014, 53-88.
  • “La fondazione ontologica e teologica dei trascendentali secondo san Tommaso d'Aquino,” in I trascendentali e il trascendentale: percorsi teoretici e storici, A. Contat, C. Pandolfi, R. Pascual (eds.), IF Press, Rome 2016, 105-142.
  • “Cornelio Fabro on Supernatural Participations,” in Cornelio Fabro. Essential Thinker. Philosopher of Being and of Freedom, Acts of the Fabro Symposium, Studia Fabriana. Vol. 1, ed. Nathaniel Dreyer, IVE Press, Chillum 2017, 89-115.
  • “Aquinas on esse commune and the First Mode of Participation,” The Thomist 82 (2018), pp. 543-72.
  • “Knowledge of ens as primum cognitum and the Discovery of ens qua ens according to Cornelio Fabro and Jan A. Aertsen,” in The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives, edited by Christopher Cullen, S.J. and Franklin T. Harris, The Catholic University of America Press, Washington, D.C. 2019, pp. 106-124.

My research centers on two areas: first, the method of Thomistic metaphysics; second, Aquinas's thought on the metaphysics of grace.

  • Ministry at St. Peter Cathedral (Erie, PA)
  • Member of the Committee for Continuing Formation for Clergy, Catholic Diocese of Erie
  • Member of the Presbyteral Council (Catholic Diocese of Erie)
  • Dean of Priests in the Gannon Deanery (Catholic Diocese of Erie)
Jason           A. Mitchell

Phone: 814-871-5833
Office: PC 3206B

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