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Matthew D. Gacura

  • Assistant Professor
    Biology Department

Gacura M. The Microbiome of Erie, PA Sourdough Bread Starter Cultures. Gannon University, Faculty Research Grant, Awarded: $4,320
• Piovesan D., Gacura M., Ji X., Stachel R. A Cost-effective multi-method UVC sterilizer. PA Manufacturing Innovation program AWARD Erie-Descent, Awarded: $71,300
Gacura M. & Vanderlaan G. (2020). Occurrence of potential pathogens in various qualities of ground beef from multiple stores in Erie, PA. Gannon University Faculty Research Grant, Awarded: $5,000.

• BIOL 122 Molecular and Cell Biology
• BIOL 106 Introduction to Microbiology
• BIOL 107 Introduction to Microbiology Lab
• BIOL 331 Microbiology
• BIOL 332 Microbiology Lab
• BIOL 340 Aquatic Microbiology
• BIOL 341 Aquatic Microbiology Lab

• Kent State University, Ph.D. Ecology (Soil Biology), 2018.
• Youngstown State University, M.S. Biology, 2009.
• Youngstown State University, B.S. Biology, 2007.

• Pennsylvania Academy of Science
• American Society of Microbiology
• Soil Science Society of America
• Ecological Society of America

As a microbiologist and ecologist much of my research deals with understanding the diversity and structure of microbial communities in the environment. However, the environments that I study can be quite diverse ranging from farm soil, the atmosphere, and even food items, such as sourdough bread starters and ground beef. I am also very interested in the use of microorganisms in applied industrial applications. I have several active collaborative projects dedicated to investigating the use of fungi for producing environmentally friendly biomaterials and, I am actively creating/testing instruments to better sterilize medical instruments at high speed and very low costs. Many of my recent projects have had undergraduate researcher involvement and I am always looking for new students in my lab. Stop on by my office, if you would like to talk about researcher opportunities, or just discuss some interesting findings in the wonderful world of microbiology!

Matthew         D. Gacura

Phone: 814-871-+1 8148717640
Office: Z 207

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