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Stephanie L. Barnhizer

  • Adjunct Lecturer
    Philosophy Department

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Barnhizer, and I am originally from Northern Michigan, lived in Boardman, OH  for several years, and have lived in Erie, PA since 1994. 

I love the great outdoors, and will swim in Lake Erie through October as long as the water temperature is not below 58 degrees!  I also grew up sailing, and my Dad helped build a tall ship in Traverse City, MI, the schooner, MADELINE. 

I have a great love for teaching, and strive to make all of my PHILOSOPHY courses relelvant to our society today.  Indeed, anyone who takes the time to ask important questions, and who truly tries to answer them, is a philosopher.  Thoughtful reflection helps us do our very best in life. 

What really matters to you?  Where do you want to go in life, and how are you going to get there?  Is there an external world of physical objects outside of our thoughts and ideas?  Do we have free will?  Who is the moral person?  What is the right thing to do?  What is God like?  What does it mean to be conscious? Will we ever create a conscious morally responsible robot?

Some of these questions have been asked for centuries.  Others are new challenges to the philosophers.  How might YOU respond to them?  We explore these and other fascinating questions in my PHILOSOPHY courses!


Certainly many thinkers have long discussed issues that concern women: social, political, and economic.  This course focusses on the various philosophical positions on current issues in society that affect women and girls.  students are encouraged to share their experieinces and ideas on these issues.  Join us to discuss and share ideas on the roles of women in society!

Also, philosophy of mind is one of the most exciting current areas of philosophical study.  Many research companies working in the area of robotics and avatars have the goal of creating sentient technology.  But we must also define what we mean by sentience and consciousness.  And what we mean by humanhood and personhood.  Indeed, Rachel, the creation of Mark Sagar and his company, SOUL MACHINES, has put Rachel to work as a "digital employee!"  Join us to discuss these current and intriguing issues!

I look forward to seeing you in my classes in the Fall!!!!