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Jennifer Allen Catellier

  • Associate Professor
    Health Communications
  • Associate Professor
    Communication and The Arts
  • Director, Graduate Program
    Health Communications

Graduate Courses

  • Communication in the Marketplace (GCOMM 500)
  • Health Communication (GCOMM 515)
  • Organizational Communication (GCOMM 525)
  • Patient-Provider Communication (GCOMM 545)
  • Philosophy and Ethics of Communication (GCOMM 600)
  • Communication Campaigns (GCOMM 625)
  • Communication Seminar (GCOMM 635)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Technical Communication (SPCH 110)
  • Public Speaking (SPCH 111)
  • Human Communication in Society (SPCH 113)
  • Media Ethics and Criticism (COMM 350)
  • Senior Seminar and Thesis (COMM 400)
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture (ENGL 371)
  • University at Buffalo, Ph.D. in Communication, Dissertation: Improving communication strategies for diet and exercise initiatives, 2012
  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, M.A. in Communication, Thesis: A comparative analysis of crisis responses and apologia strategies at two religious affiliated institutions of higher education, 2007
  • Mercyhurst University, B.A. in Communication, 2006
  • National Communication Association (NCA)
  • International Communication Association (ICA)
  • Eastern Communication Association (ECA)
  • Damiano, A. D., & Allen Catellier, J. R. (2020). A Content Analysis of Coronavirus Tweets in the United
    States Just Prior to the Pandemic Declaration. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking,
  • Damiano, A. D., & Allen Catellier, J. R. (2020). Up in smoke: a content analysis of tweets during the vaping-related illness epidemic. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 13, 1-9.
  • Allen Catellier, J. R., & Yang, Z. J. (2013). The role of affect in the decision to exercise: Does being happy lead to a more active lifestyle? Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14(2), 275-282
  • Lovejoy K., Allen Catellier, J., Evans, C., Lohiser, A., & Chiu, I-H. (2013). Exploring individual’s Social Value Orientation and decisions in a Prisoner’s Dilemma. Communication & Science Journal,
  • Allen Catellier, J. & Yang, Z. J. (2012) Trust and affect: How do they impact risk information seeking in a health context? Journal of Risk Research, 15(8), 897-911.
  • Gibson Hancox, M. K., & Allen, J. (2007). Sins of the father: Revisiting best practices in crisis management through case study analysis. Journal of School Public Relations, 28(2), 164-188.

Jennifer        Allen Catellier

Phone: 814-871-+1 8148715626
Office: CCA 321

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