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Employee Assistance Plan

  • Gannon has partnered with Health Advocate to offer personalized support to find balance and gain control during life’s challenges, all at no cost to Gannon employees. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential support from EAP Professionals, who can help you work through personal, family or work issues to feel more balanced and productive. Support is available via phone, text, chat, video or face-to-face.

    Download the Health Advocate Welcome Brochure

    Health Advocate

    Health Advocate offers a unique level of support to help you find balance and feel more in control. Our experts provide help 24/7 and ensure you get the right information and assistance at the right time. Our service are completely confidential and available to you, your spouse, dependents, parents and parents-in-law at no cost.

    Confidential support for personal problems

    • Get help with depression, anxiety, family issues, substance abuse and more
    • Learn strategies such as mindfulness to manage stress and anger and improve focus

    Work/life resources to make life easier and find balance

    • Locate childcare, eldercare, summer camps, special needs services and relocation support
    • Easy access to legal/financial experts and information, saving you time, money and worry

    Personalized help no matter where you are in life

    • Work through relationship problems, divorce, grief and loss, and other life transitions
    • Build coping skills to manage life’s challenges and gain control of your life

    Access resources online or through our mobile app

    • Explore webinars, courses and articles on a variety of well-being topics
    • Visit the Personalized Legal Center, Financial Fitness Center and Mindfulness page

    Connect with Health Advocate

    • Phone: 877.240.6863
    • Email:
    • Web:
    • Health Advocate Mobile App