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Ludlow nurse, Deborah Lorenzo ’16, is author of 2 books for children

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Newspaper September 17, 2019 | Kane Republican, The (PA)

Author: Ted Lutz Staff Writer | Page: 1 | Section: News

LUDLOW — Deborah Lorenzo ’16, a nurse from Ludlow, has always enjoyed writing.

But she never envisioned the day when she would become the published author of two children’s books— “Night Night, My Love” and “The Barnyard Ball.”

“I just thought that it might be fun to try and write a children’s book,” Lorenzo said. “The thought came to me early in 2018, but I had no story line at that time.”

Lorenzo continued to rack her brain.

“By the summer of 2018, an idea came to mind,” Lorenzo said. “I have no children, but my family has a dog— ‘Pepper.’ She is the highlight of our lives and brings us so much joy.”

Lorenzo said “Pepper” became the “inspiration” for her first book— “Night Night My Love.”

“At times I call ‘Pepper’ my love,” Lorenzo said. “I eventually dedicated the book to ‘Pepper.’”

According to Lorenzo’s publisher— LitFire Publishing of Atlanta, “the book is composed of poetic verses that describe the essence of bedtime.”

“The book is about saying goodbye to the day that had just passed, embracing the beauty of the night and the love and care a parent has for his or her children,” the publisher said. “Being related to a poetic verse, it radiates a feeling of sincerity.”

According to LitFire, the book by Lorenzo matches “wonderful words with beautiful pictures that depict the gentle and serene moments during bedtime.”

Lorenzo said it took her “a month or two” to finish her first “story.”

She had her doubts that the publisher would accept her first book.

So she decided to write a second book and send both to the publisher for consideration.

The two books were published.

“It took me quite some time to come up with another story,” Lorenzo said.

She initially thought about a book linked with woodland animals. But she switched venues and wrote about horses, sheep, chickens, cows and pigs in a barnyard.

“It took me only a day to write ‘The Barnyard Ball,’” Lorenzo said.

She came up with part of the storyline during one of her daily walks on Gibbs Hill Road near her home in Ludlow.

“This children’s book shows that even animals can groove, too,” LitFire Publishing said in describing Lorenzo’s story. “As the day at the farm ends, the night for the animals begins. With the pasture as their dance floor and the donkey as their DJ, they each show their best dance moves.”

As she wrote her books, Lorenzo had the tedious task of coming up with words that rhyme for the stories.

“Both of my books rhyme,” she said. “Let me tell you, it’s hard to do that. Your storyline ends up being based on what words rhyme and what ones do not.”

Lorenzo’s two children’s books are available through LitFire Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other on-line book retailers.

Both books are illustrated, but not by Lorenzo.

“I am not artistic whatsoever so I had illustrators from LitFire Publishing create the illustrations,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo said she has “no idea how successful my books will be” and does not plan to leave her job as a registered nurse in the maternal children health unit at Warren General Hospital.

She has autographed her books for friends, but has no immediate plans for “book-signing” appearances at local libraries.

A 2012 graduate of Kane Area High School, Lorenzo attended Gannon University in Erie. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gannon in May 2016 with a degree in nursing. She has been employed at the Warren hospital ever since.

Lorenzo is the daughter of Bill and Trudy Lorenzo of Gibbs Hill Road, Ludlow. Her brother, Ryan works at Utility Pipeline in Kane and is a member of the Reserves in the Marines.

In addition to her walks on Gibbs Hill Road, the author enjoys bicycle riding, crocheting, baking and gardening.

While she enjoys writing, Lorenzo said she did not author the two children’s books as part of a journey to become “rich and famous.”

“Success to me does not pertain to how many books I sell or how much money I make,” Lorenzo said. “If there is just one child or just one family that grows to love and enjoy my books, then, in my eyes, I will have been successful beyond what I could ever have imagined.”


Photo submitted Deborah Lorenzo of Ludlow, a 2012 graduate of Kane Area High School, shows off her two published children’s books— “Night Night My Love” and “The Barnyard Ball.”


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