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Student Phonathon Callers

  • Thank you for supporting students at Gannon!

    Student Thank You PhonathonPhonathon is back and the students cannot wait to speak with you. Now through December, Gannon students will be calling YOU! They are thrilled to invite alumni and friends to Homecoming and Family Weekend, Virtual Knights Around Town and more. They are looking forward to learning about your GU experience and sharing their current Gannon stories.

    The program continues to provide an opportunity for alumni to stay engaged with what is happening in the life of the University. Phonathon educates students on the importance of Philanthropy and gives them an opportunity to assist alumni in making their gift to Gannon.

    Last year, because of generous donors, Phonathon students raised over $100,000 for the University! All donations made will have a major impact for current and future GU students.

  • Meet the Student Phonathon Callers

    • Candace


      Sports Management and Marketing

      I am proud to be a Knight because of the opportunity to compete in Women’s Soccer at the collegiate level.

    • Kimberlea


      Early Childhood Education

      I am proud to be a knight because of the friends that I have made here and I enjoy being in my major.

    • Amy



      I am beyond proud to be a knight because the environment that Gannon provides is so welcoming and friendly. The academic help here at Gannon is phenomenal. The professors are very personal and caring, which makes it easy to go get help. There are so many opportunities that we are exposed to during our time here that it’s almost hard not to be involved!

    • Sydney


      Occupational Therapy

      I’m proud to be a knight because of the amazing opportunities I have been offered here at Gannon, from studying abroad to joining organizations here on campus. I have also been given the chance to serve and learn more about the community around me through the various clubs I have joined on campus!

    • Hailey


      Physician Assistant

      I am proud to be a Gannon Knight, because knights are made to be well-rounded people with a zest for life. I am proud to be a physician assistant major as well as a traveler, dancer, leader, and a friend to all of my Gannon family. Therefore, Gannon has allowed me to follow my passions and learn how to live a fulfilling life, and for that I am forever grateful.

    • Anna


      Early Childhood Education

      I’m proud to be a knight because we have a great community, amazing teachers, and many opportunities to practice my faith.

    • Skyler


      Physician Assistant

      I am proud to be a knight because of the great academic programs and community feel that Gannon has.

    • Allison



      I am proud to be a knight because the Gannon community is like a family that works together to be successful. It's great to see everyone working together to keep the University safe during these times.

    • Marissa


      Occupational Therapy

      I am proud to be a knight because Gannon has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential in academics as well as athletics. As a collegiate level swimmer, it can be tricky managing my time, but the understanding faculty provide support and are always willing to be flexible with my schedules! I am so thankful to be a part of the Gannon community which has helped me develop leadership and communication skills.

    • Ashley


      Criminal Justice

      I am proud to be a knight because of the academic excellence at Gannon University.

    • Ally


      Biology, Pre-Med

      I’m proud to be a knight because of the high standards we are held to and because of the many excellent academic program this school offers.

    • Angela


      Occupational Therapy

      I am proud to be a knight for having the opportunity to study abroad. This experience allowed me to make life-long friends and memories I’ll never forget!

    • Eleanor



      What makes me proud to be a knight: getting introduced to my roommates last year and now considering them some of my best friends!

    • Vera


      Nutrition and Human Performance

      I’m proud to be a Knight because of all the great professors and opportunities that Gannon gives to each and every student.

    • Carrie


      Occupational Therapy

      I am proud to be a Golden Knight because my program is preparing me to become the best therapist possible. Gannon provides us with the resources and community to succeed and has allowed me to become the best version of myself.

    • Kaitlin



      I am proud to be a knight because I have met some of the best people here at Gannon.

    • MacKenzie



      I am proud to be Knight because of the welcoming, family-like atmosphere at Gannon. Everyone is so kind and truly cares about you, including all the faculty.

    • Ashima



      I'm proud to be a knight because being an international student I love how welcoming and friendly the Gannon family is and also because of the outstanding academic programs offered.

    • Marian


      Legal Studies

      I am proud to be a knight because of the countless possibilities that Gannon provides and the fact that GU is my home away from home.

    • Cassandra



      I am proud to be a knight because of all of the opportunities Gannon has to offer.