Make a Gift


  • On Saturday, September 19, 2020 Gannon students, staff, and alumni will participate in community service projects in Erie and several cities throughout the country for the annual GIVE (Gannon's Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere) Day!  

    Join Gannon University for our annual GIVE day that takes place as a part of the International Coastal Cleanup.

    We are inviting the Gannon family to participate in a service event on September 19, 2020. This can be anything from picking up garbage in your local neighborhood, to cleaning up beach/shorelines, to serving meals at your local homeless shelter.

    For partnering with us, we will send all those who GIVE back on September 19 a free signature GIVE day T-shirt after the requirements are completed below:

    1. Register through the link above.
    2. Take a photo on September 19 and tag us on social media with: #GUGIVEDAY2020, or email your photo to

    Additional Information/Volunteering Ideas

    Did you know GIVE Day is part of the International Coastal Cleanup?

    Bring the beach clean-up to your hometown by using this ICC guide for personal initiatives.

    Once you've completed your project, send your data collection information to us along with your family photos! We'll announce how much trash our students and alumni cleaned up in the days following GIVE Day.

    Connect locally

    Many organizations that rely on volunteers have seen a significant drop off during the pandemic (which is completely understandable!). Often organizations have needs that can be fulfilled safely. Check out some of our favorite partners who have affiliates in your area:

    Catholic Charities offices across the US offer community-based services that vary from area to area based on local need. Find your local chapter here and reach out to see if they are in need of assistance

    United Way is a local and national leader in improving the community and ending poverty. Find your local chapter here; many not only share their own volunteer opportunities but those of other local organizations as well!

    Alternatively, google "hands on [your community or county]" or "get connected [your community or county]"

    In Ruskin? HandsOn Suncoast. In Erie? GetConnected Erie.

    The American Red Cross focuses on disaster relief as well as the traditional blood drive. As we type this, Hurricane Laura is threatening our Gulf Coast and Iowa is still cleaning up from the derechos that whipped through the area. Your community likely has its own needs that the American Red Cross is helping with; find them here.

    Carry on with your previous volunteer commitments.

    Many schools are starting back up and employees are going back to the office. If you have previously volunteered with a local organization but took time off because of COVID, reach back out! See what they need that can be done safely.

    Clean up your neighborhood!

    You don't need to do anything special; just find an area of your town that could use some extra love, grab your mask, a trash bag and maybe some work gloves, and head on out!

    • If you are part of a neighborhood watch or other community group, reach out to your neighbors - people don't have to be part of the Gannon family to get in the spirit of GIVE Day.
    • Not part of such a group? Sites like "Nextdoor" or the "Neighbors" section of Ring (or similar apps) can help you connect.


    It may be outside your physical ability or risk tolerance to get outside in the presence of others.

    • If it is within your family's means and practice to make financial donations, set aside time on GIVE Day. Don't just click a button; spend time prioritizing what issues are important to you and discovering what organizations are working on those issues. Explore organizational websites as a family and make the decision together. Work together to craft an email or letter explaining why you are supporting that organization! Your words will make as much difference to the employees as your donation will to the cause. And of course, you can always give back to your alma mater.
    • If your family needs to prioritize donating physical materials, spend some time this morning deciding what to donate and where.
      • Of course it's easy to pull up somewhere and hand over a box, but it's not always the best choice for the organization you're trying to help. Start with this article for context, and then try to match what you are giving away to the best local organizations to accept them.
      • If it's books, may we suggest Little Free Libraries? Gannon students have built many of the LFLs in Erie, and we work together as a community to maintain them and keep them stocked with books! Find your local Little Free Libraries here and drive around filling them up.

    Advocate for causes you believe in!

    it's easy to sign a petition on, or automatically send a form letter to your elected officials. Go a step further - find issues you care about, research what is going on in your community, connect virtually with the organizations working on those issues, and see what you can do to move the needle.

    Thank you for your commitment to serving others. We look forward to giving back on September 19 with you!