• Preview GU begins Friday, August 21, 2020 and is the official start to your Gannon experience! This 5-day welcome week is designed to help you settle into campus, connect with your community, and find programs you want to engage in.

    Preview GU is designed to be common, yet customizable. You will have your choice of programs and events throughout the week.

    This also includes Find Your FYT, a 2-day immersive experience where students choose an interest topic and spend time learning about Gannon through that theme. Each FYT group will have a Transition Guide and faculty or staff facilitator to guide you through life as a student through the lens of your theme. Some themes from last year include Animal Lover’s, Foodies, Music, and Outdoor Adventure.

    Preview GU is required for all incoming students. All new students are expected to be fully present starting Friday, August 16 at 3pm.

     FYT Themes


    FYT stands for "First-Year Team" and is a program designed to introduce first-year students to Student Development and Engagement's small-group engagement model.  The program recognizes students' desire to build connection and find a sense of belonging among their peers.

    FYT themes and descriptions for 2020 will be available on January 31. 

    Students at Preview GU

Gannon University Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK)

Gannon University Begins Construction on Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge. Learn more about I-HACK.