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Intercultural Programs and Organizations

  • International Night

    A unique event to share food from cultures around the globe. Guests also enjoy a display of cultural performances from students and community members.

    • International Night Piano
    • International Night Stage
    • International Night on Stage
    • International Night
    • International Night Food

    Global Peers

    Global Peers matches new international students with Gannon University students for friendship, cultural exchange, and helping a new international student get oriented to the U.S., Gannon campus life, and sharing a discovery of PA and the city of Erie!

    Following the application and selection process,  Global Peers Orientation will include:

    • Time expectations
    • Transition topics useful of Global Peers
    • Correspondence with your Global Peer Mentee following match process
    • Facilitating


    • Interest developing connections with new international students
    • Interest in expanding one's global awareness and communication skills
    • Curiosity about other cultures and perspectives
    • Have been a Gannon University student for two semesters and in good academic standing
    • Ability to attend GU Global Peers Training & Orientation Session(s):
    • Desire and commitment to participate as a Global Peer (minimum of 1-2 hours/week for one semester)
    • You may be matched during the summer - begin communicating with your Global Peer prior to arrival; 
    • Meet in-person at the GU Global Peer Welcome Event 
    • Global Peers are encouraged to initiate leadership roles if you would like to assist with organizing Global Peer events for all students involved in the program.

    Global Peer Activity Suggestions

    • Plan a weekly time to get together and do something you both enjoy, such as
    • Visit a new site in Erie or Office / Dept. on campus
    • Attend a campus student organization sponsored program, activity, or concert
    • Work out at the RWC together
    • Set-up a conversation / language exchange time to teach each other your first languages
    • Participate in a GU sponsored community service project together (via" Erie Gains")
    • Plan a day-trip or weekend excursion to see an area, attend a concert, or visit a family member you'd like to introduce your Global Peer to.
    • Come to Global Coffee Hours together (if class schedules permit)

    Student Organizations