English as a Second Language

  • Mission Statement

    Gannon University's English as a Second Language Program (ESLP) prepares non-native speakers to achieve language competency necessary to succeed in an English language curriculum at the post-secondary level.  Through its academic programming, as well as the specialized services it provides to English language learners, the ESLP echoes the University's mission by ascribing to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service, and by preparing its students to become global citizens.

    The ESLP guides international students in their cultural adjustment to the United States by creating and supporting a professional and respectful learning environment, through which students simultaneously develop and strengthen their language ability, academic skills and intercultural competence.

  • ESL Academic Calendar

    2015 Summer Session 1

    Date Event
    4-May Student Arrival
    5-May Orientation
    6-May Placement test
    May 11-June 26 Summer 1 Session (seven weeks)

    2015 Summer Session 2

    Date Event
    22-Jun Arrival
    23-Jun Orientation
    24-Jun Placement test
    June 29-August 14 Summer 2 Session (seven weeks)

    2015 Fall Session

    Date Event
    12-Aug Arrival
    13-Aug Orientation
    August 17, August 24 Placement test
    August 26-December 18 Fall Semester (15 weeks)