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Student Testimonials

  • patel

    Krima Patel

    Major: Sport and Exercise Science
    Home Country: India
    Academic Year: 2015-2020

    "When I entered Gannon I did not want to take ESL, but once I began my classes, I actually started liking it. The teaching here was so different compared to my country.

    Soon I saw a lot of changes in my English overall in reading, writing and speaking. I made friends from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and China.

    Moreover, being in ESL helped me to grow and step out of my comfort zone; it helped me to make more American friends. All of this just brought me a step closer to adjust to life in the United States. I am so happy to be a part of Gannon University." 


    Ahmed Marer

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Home Country: Saudi Arabia
    Academic Year: 2015-2017

    "ESL is not only the center where I learned English, but it was also one of the most beautiful periods in my life. I found kindness and serious work, both from the teachers and staff. They were all very excited to show the best of academic, culture and friendship for all students.

    While I am happy to start my academic studies, I am sad that I will miss these smiling and welcoming teachers each morning. This program will always have a place in my life and my heart. They are my family and I thank them forever." 


    Tenger Batjargal

    Major: Electrical Engineering
    Home Country: Mongolia
    Academic Year: 2014-2019 

    "At Gannon I feel I've found exactly what I needed. From the very first class it felt definitely different from my expectations. It was the interaction and the international atmosphere. I sat down and introduced myself and we looked at each other. We are friends from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, from India, China, Korea and Japan, which I never experienced before. I was really shocked, because of the cultural diversity, the nuance, which was very nice.

    After two weeks, I realized those [speaking and listening] courses are extremely important for me and necessary for me. The way they are teaching is very different. The details they are teaching us are very different. I am extremely happy now that I have had this option to experience."  


    Hoda Alfahmi'16

    Major: Masters of Public Administration
    Home Country: Saudi Arabia

    "The experiences I have had in the ESL program at Gannon University were full of lessons and joy. I learned a lot and I'm still learning. All you have to do to enjoy this whole experience is to have an open mind to a new culture and new people. My motto is, 'No matter what happens, keep moving forward.'"


    Milan Soni

    Major: Computer Science
    Home Country: India
    Academic Year: 2015-2017

    "I'm really glad that I decided to do the ESL program, as it has given me renewed enthusiasm toward my academic study. ESL helped to improve my writing, reading and special topics in computer science field.

    I have to write many research papers, articles and descriptions in my academic studies, which requires proper format, and the ESL writing classes helped me to learn how to write proper research papers.

    The other ESL classes taught me how to develop presentation skills and to use academic statements with advanced vocabulary. The ESL teachers are friendly,  respect your genuine requests, focus on your doubts, and sharpen your English language, skills which is so necessary in the USA."


    Norma Orio '17

    Major: English as a Second Language
    Home Country: Mexico

    "What I like about Gannon's ESL program is that it is intensive, and that is good, because the objective is to learn and improve. I think the program reaches that goal.

    The quality of the instructors is very good.

    What I like most about the program is that it makes you feel very comfortable. It is a healthy environment; they respect your culture, they respect your maturity, they don't make you feel "different." On the contrary, they make you feel like you are part of a team of learning."


    Ekkachai, Exchange Scholar 2015

    Home Country: Thailand

    "I think Gannon University is a very, very good university. I learned many techniques in the ESL program, and I want to use these techniques to help my students in Thailand improve, because we need it.

    I want to understand my students' feelings. I want to know their feelings while they are studying with me."


    Daliyah Qasem

    Major: Master of Public Administration
    Home Country: Saudi Arabia
    Academic Year: 2015-2017

    "When I arrived at Gannon University, I knew only two words in the English language: yes and no. And everything was different. From people, food, language, weather and even the smells; they all presented new, exciting opportunities for me.

    Gannon University is where I began learning. I was lucky to be one of the ESL students. The teachers were very helpful, kind and supportive. They have always tried their best to make the learning environment comfortable and successful.

    While in the program, I felt that I was with my family. I am grateful to the people who believed in me and supported me. Here, I achieved one of my dreams - to learn the English language."


    Jin Ling '16

    Major: Master of Business Administration
    Home Country: China

    "I'm really glad that I decided to do the ESL program, as it opened the door of my learning a second language and made my academic study easier.

    The most unforgettable in ESL is that the learning process was not dull learning English from test books, there are a lot of interesting activities. I met many new friends and I got more chances to practice and know more new and interesting things.

    ESL teachers are very friendly, respect your genuine requests, focus on your doubts and sharpen your English language skills, which is so necessary in the USA. I was pleased that I spent such a good time here."