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Accelerated Programs

  • Accelerate Your Education with Gannon University

    A master's degree from Gannon University can provide you with a competitive edge as you enter the job market.  Gannon has opportunities in a wide variety of academic areas to enable students to receive undergraduate and graduate degrees in less time and at a lower cost

    These programs may be referred to as Accelerated Master's Programs, Dual Degree Programs, 4+1 Programs, or Accelerated Degree Programs.  No matter the name, you save two of your most precious resources - time and money.

    Once accepted, you can:

    • Earn 6-15 credit hours toward a master's degree before completing your bachelor's degree.  Approved graduate courses can fulfill program requirements for both bachelor's and master's degrees.
    • Apply undergraduate scholarships and need-based aid toward graduate coursework until the end of your fourth academic year at Gannon.

    Once enrolled as a graduate student, you may qualify for a discounted tuition rate if enrolling in an approved graduate program.

    Accelerated Graduate Programs (Bachelor's to Master's)  

    College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

    College of Engineering and Business

    Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences

    How to Get Started (For Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen)

    1. Talk to your undergraduate advisor to learn more about program requirements and how to incorporate graduate coursework into your undergraduate curriculum.
    2. Apply for admission to accelerated graduate program (  You may apply to the graduate program when you have completed 75 credits of undergraduate coursework.  If accepted to a graduate program, you may begin taking graduate courses once you have completed 90 credits of undergraduate coursework (each program has specific requirements).

    How to Get Started (For Seniors)

    1. Schedule an advising appointment with the Office of Graduate Admissions ( or 814-871-7474).  
    2. Apply for admission to graduate program of interest (

    Double Counting Credit Guidelines

    Accelerated programs allow graduate credits to double count-which means they can count toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The table below outlines the number of credits students can double count based on graduate program requirements.  These are also the maximum number of graduate credits that can be completed during an undergraduate career.

      30-Credit Graduate Programs 36-Credit Graduate Programs 60-Credit Graduate Programs
    Number of credits to earn a Bachelor's Degree* 128 128 128
    Number of Credits that can be Double Counted 6 9 15
    Total Combined Credits after Double Counting 152 155 173

    *Some undergraduate programs may require more than 128 credits.

    30-credit graduate programs

    Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Analytics, Strategic Communication, Computer and Information Science, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software Engineering, Environmental Science and Management, Mechanical Engineering

    36-credit graduate programs

    Criminalistics, Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Engineering Management, Sport and Exercise Science

    60-credit graduate programs

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling