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Summer Sessions

  • Summer sessions to be taught using alternative delivery methods

    The recent extension of social distancing guidelines to April 30 and the prospect that they might continue into May has lead us to make a change to our summer classes.

    We will continue our remote learning plan that was implemented during the spring 2020 semester into summer Session A (May 11-22) and Session B (May 25-June 26).

    The status of summer Session C (June 29 - July 31) will be decided by May 1.


    Get There Faster. Enjoy the Ride.

    This summer, if you’re hanging around Erie, summer sessions begin May 13, May 27 and July 1. Maybe you should be there.

    By taking summer classes, you can pick up a few credits, make your Fall Semester workload a little lighter, avoid the lame summer job and get that pesky pre-requisite out of the way at a reduced tuition rate.

  • How do I register?

    Step 1: Select a Session

    Choose one of the following sessions:

    • Session A: May 11-22
    • Session B: May 25-June 26*
    • Session C: June 29-July 31*

    * classes not held on May 25 for Memorial Day

    ** classes not held on July 4 for Independence Day

    Step 2: Register for Courses

    Non-Gannon Students

    Students who are in good academic standing at their current colleges or universities are welcome to attend Summer Sessions. They need to submit written approval for course enrollment from their home college or university and complete the Gannon University Summer School  application/registration form.

    Gannon Students

    You can access GUXpress through Gannon's home page under 'Current Students' or go directly to Select 'GUXpress,' then 'Student Registration,' then 'Register for Sections.' Click on 'Search and Register for Sections' or 'Express Registration'. When you complete your registration click on 'My Class Schedule' to verify that you are registered. 

    You cannot register on GUXpress for courses requiring written permission. This includes courses that require director or instructor permission as well as written permission to register for a closed course. Register for all other courses on GUXpress then bring the written permission to the Registrar's Office after you register on GUXpress.

    Students who choose not to register on GUXpress can come to the Registrar's Office to register. You should fill out the registration form with your choice of courses and have it signed by your advisor. The Registrar's Office cannot process registrations without the advisor's signature on the registration form.

    Step 3: Pay Tuition Bill

    Tuition bills are due before the first day of the summer session for which the student is registered. Note: Tuition bills are no longer mailed out. eBill is Gannon’s official billing method which is available exclusively on GUXpress. It allows individuals and their authorized users to view semester statements and make payment online. Please regularly check your Gannon email once you are registered for bill and course information. Please note that even if there is no balance due, it is imperative that enrollment is confirmed through GUXpress to indicate attendance by the bill due date.

    A $40.00 fee will be assessed for bills paid on or after the first day of the session for which the student is registered.

    If you register during the week prior to the start date of a session, payment must be submitted along with your registration. If receiving Company Reimbursement, the required down payment, Company Reimbursement form and tuition bill must be received together by the due date to avoid a late fee.

    Step 4: Review Important Information

    For more information about courses and registration please review our online course list.