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Dual Enrollment

  • Enroll in College Courses While in High School

    Gannon University’s High School Dual Enrollment program is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses while in high school. The program provides students with the opportunity to:

    • Get a head start in the pursuit of a college degree
    • Pursue a second major or multiple minors
    • Participate in a Learning Abroad Experience
    • Enjoy the flexibility to lighten your course load and schedule when you enroll
    • Relish the freedom to choose elective courses tailored to your interests

    Dual Enrollment Orientation

    To prepare incoming students for success in the dual enrollment program, all new dual enrollment students are required to attend an informational orientation session prior to their first semester at Gannon. At orientation, students will receive their schedule and network ID, as well as information regarding our campus, student support services and policies and procedures. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend as well.

  • Dual Enrollment Facts


    High School Dual Enrollment can begin following the completion of sophomore year and ends after the spring semester of senior year.


    Seniors with at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, 1110 SAT (critical reading and math), 1110 PSAT and/or 22 ACT and a rank in the top 25% of his/her graduating class may be eligible for admission as a High School Dual Enrollee. Students applying to take classes starting in the fall of their senior year can take no more than nine credit hours/semester at any one/or a combination of Gannon’s dual enrollment sites.


    Juniors with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale and a rank in the top 25% of his/her graduating class may be eligible for admission as a High School Dual Enrollee. Students applying to take classes starting in the summer following the completion of their sophomore year and into their junior year can take no more than six credit hours/semester at any one/or a combination of Gannon’s dual enrollment sites.

    Continuing Enrollment Eligibility

    Once a student is accepted into the Dual Enrollment program, subsequent enrollment requires a minimum of 2.00 or better in each Gannon course and continued approval by high school guidance counselor/principal. Students must also submit a new School Authorization Form to the Office of Admissions for each semester.


    The tuition cost for High School Dual Enrollees is $100 per credit hour in addition to any applicable fees (i.e. course fees, lab fees) and books. If a course has a ‘#’ in front of the class an additional fee will be charged. The fee will vary based on course. Please refer to Gannon’s Dual Enrollment website or see your guidance counselor for more information.

    Registration for Courses

    Initial registration will be coordinated by the Office of Admissions in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office. Dual Enrollment students are not permitted to take on-line courses.

    You can view an academic calendar, catalog and program information on the Academic Offerings sections on our website.

    Transfer of Dual Enrollment Credits

    All colleges and universities have specific policies regarding acceptance of transfer, dual enrollment, and Advanced Placement credits.  High school students, particularly those interested in graduate or professional schools (i.e. Pharmacy, Law, or Medical Schools) should know that some colleges, universities and graduate and professional schools can choose not to accept/recognize dual enrollment, articulation or advanced placement credits. Therefore, any high school student who enters into a dual enrollment or articulation program or who takes advanced placement credits must realize that the professional schools could require such students to take additional higher level courses in the same discipline or meet other criteria to compensate for dual enrollment/articulation/advance placement credit. It is highly recommended that, before dual enrolling, students should discuss specific transfer and dual enrollment policies with the Program Directors at the colleges and universities to which they are planning to apply/transfer.

    For more information, view the transfer equivalency information for specific schools.

  • How do I apply for dual enrollment?

    Step 1: Submit your Admissions Application

    Complete the application for High School Dual Enrollment.

    • After clicking on the link, please select the "Not registered yet? Create an account" link
    • When presented with a list of applications to choose from, please select "High School Dual Enrollment"

    Keep in mind that Gannon courses are available on a first- come, first-served basis. If there are not enough students interested in a course, that course may not be offered during that semester.

    Gannon University’s Office of Admissions will grant the final decision on admissions. To ensure that a student’s experience at Gannon will enhance his/her high school performance, we ask that students work with the high school counselor or principal to avoid any conflict with regular school work while attending classes at Gannon University.

    Admission as a High School Dual Enrollee does not constitute admission to a four-year degree program at Gannon University. We welcome students to apply early in their senior year for a major of their choice.

    Step 2: Request your High School Transcripts

    Print a hard copy of the Student Transcript Request. Use this form to request your high school transcripts. Mail the transcripts along with your Admissions application.

    Step 3: Submit the School Authorization Form

    Please complete the boxed portion of the School Authorization Form and give it to your high school/secondary school guidance counselor or principal. Mail the signed form along with your Admissions application.

    Step 4: Submit Payment for Courses

    Please submit a check (made payable to Gannon University) for the full cost of course(s), which includes the cost of the credits and all applicable fees (ie. course fees, lab fees) at the time of application.

    Refunds as a High School Dual Enrollee will follow the same guidelines as part time students credited with 80% of the tuition he/she has been charged if he/she withdraws properly within the first week of the semester, 60% if within the second, 40% if within the third. There is no reduction of the charges after the third week. In terms shorter than a semester, a credit of 75% of tuition will be made for proper withdrawal within the first week of the term and none thereafter. There will be no refund of fees paid.

    Step 5: Review Additional Information

    Please review the additional information about the high school dual enrollment program in this document.