SAT Preparation Courses

  • Boost your SAT scores with Gannon’s SAT preparation courses

    Gannon's SAT preparation courses are designed to teach test-taking skills so that you can approach the SAT with more confidence. You will:

    • Review techniques, concepts, and question types that apply to the exam
    • Proper reading of SAT-type questions
    • Analyze difficult vocabulary
    • Scan passages for content
    • Review mathematical logic and important concepts in higher level math

    The program is divided into three courses (Essay, Critical Reading/Writing, and Mathematics). Students can choose to participate in one, two, or all three courses and can choose among four different terms. Courses might be cancelled if minimum enrollments are not met, so we recommended that you register early. Students registering for all three courses in a given term are eligible for a discount. Registering for Gannon's test prep courses does not register you for the actual SAT exam.

    SAT Exam Dates

    • Oct 3
    • Nov 7
    • Dec 5
    • Jan 23
    • March 5
    • May 7
    • June 4
  • SAT Preparation Course Information


    Session A 

    For SAT dates Oct 3, - Nov 7, -Dec 5, -Jan 23

    • August 8 - Essay
    • August 15- Essay
    • August 22- Essay
    • Aug 29- Math/Read
    • Sept 5 -no classes Labor Day
    • Sept 12 Math/Read
    • Sept 19 Math/Read
    •  Sept  26 Math/Read

    Session B 

    For SAT date Mar 5

    •  Jan 16- Essay
    •  Jan 23- Essay
    •  Jan 30- Essay
    •  Feb 6- Math/Read
    •  Feb 13- Math/Read
    •  Feb 20- Math/Read
    •  Feb 27- Math/Read

    Session C 

    For SAT dates May 7,-June 4

    • March 12- Essay
    • March 19- Essay
    • March 26 -no classes Easter
    • April 2- Essay
    • April 9- Math/Read
    • April 16- Math/Read
    • April 23- Math/Read
    • April 30- Math/Read

    Course Descriptions

    Essay Course

    During the essay portion of the SAT, students have 25 minutes to write a first-draft response to a subject prompt that makes a statement or claim. The essay question asks the student to take a position on an issue and support it persuasively with examples from studies and experience. It is an open-ended question so it can be answered successfully in many different ways.

    Gannon's course includes an initial sample test to assess student skill levels. Students will also write essays each week to become familiar with the nature of the essay question asked on the SAT. They will receive in depth feedback for each writing assignment. In addition, students will learn:

    • What the graders are looking for in a response
    • How to effectively write a first draft
    • How to make the most of set time limits

    Mathematics Course

    • Mathematical logic
    • Review of important Algebraic and Geometry concepts
    • Help understanding the types of questions asked
    • Effective methods of 'attacking' problems
    • Time management and guessing strategies

    Critical Reading/Writing Course

    • The course covers content for both the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT
    • Reading topics include paragraph-length reading and sentence completion
    • Writing topics include the multiple choice section of the test and focus on error identification and sentence improvement
    • Help understanding the types of questions asked
    • Time management and guessing strategies

  • How Do I Register?

    Step 1: Complete Registration Form

    Register for the SAT courses by completing and submitting a course registration form.

    Step 2: Submit a Payment

    Send a payment with your completed registration form. Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card.

    • Students registering for 1 or 2 courses in a given term are charged $150 per course.
    • Students registering for all 3 courses in a given term are charged a total of $375.
    • All payments must be made in full prior to the first day of class. Refunds will not be granted once the courses have started.

    Step 3: Review Important Information

    You will be advised of the course location prior to the start of classes.

    Courses might be cancelled if minimum enrollments are not met. Therefore, it is recommended that interested students register early.

    Registering for Gannon's test prep courses does not register you for the actual SAT exam.

    The CollegeBoard website has information about SAT test dates, deadlines, and registration information for the SAT exam.

    If you have any questions or if you can't print a copy of the registration form, please contact the Center for Adult Learning at 814-871-7350.