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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) came to fruition from two converging resources: a master’s thesis case study of teaching and learning centers and the Department of Education Title III Grant.

    Title III, Activity I focused on the enhancement of teaching and learning with more effective delivery of interactive and technology-based learning strategies in the curriculum. The purpose was to provide technology for the faculty to use in the classroom while developing faculty competence in instructional technology. The grant supported the activities of faculty development, educational technology, additional staffing and a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. In 2010, at the conclusion of the Title III grant, Gannon University remained committed to excellence in teaching and learning by continuing to fund CETL. This support has enabled us to expand our focus to include all aspects of teaching excellence.

    Since 2005, CETL has broadened our impact on faculty and staff through professional development opportunities and innovation in teaching and technology. The CETL team is an invaluable resource to the Gannon community and our contributions include, but are not limited to the following essential functions:

    • Lead all aspects of the Angel Course Management System: implementation, support, training, and administration of the entire system
    • Provide expertise to faculty through training, support and design of instructional technologies in the classroom and online
      • Train faculty and staff in the appropriate use of educational technology in the classroom
      • Develop and customize web-based applications for faculty and departments
      • Maintain and support an extensive set of educational technology resources including software, laptops, audio/visual equipment and Personal Response Systems
      • Research, evaluate, and when appropriate, implement emerging instructional technologies.
    • Assist faculty with the adaptation, design and/or implementation of instructional strategies in the classroom and online using our technical expertise in pedagogy
      • Team-based learning
      • Flipped classroom approach
    • Support Gannon University online initiatives by providing technical expertise in online course design, assisting faculty in the creation of course content for GU Gold courses, and administrating both undergraduate and graduate enrollments through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU)
    • Provide administrative support for Gannon University initiatives such as Class Climate course evaluations, TurnItIn software, GU Blog and Scantron ParScore Software
    • Facilitate professional development for faculty, staff and administration
      • Organize, host,and facilitate the Weeklong Workshop and Technology Buffet to encourage and reward innovative curriculum design
      • Host the annual Regional Symposium on teaching and learning to promote collegiality among Gannon University faculty and representatives from regional colleges and universities
      • Provide training, workshops, webinars and guest speakers on topics such as Leadership, Risk Management, Classroom Management and Campus Safety
    • Support and assist faculty in their scholarship endeavors by collaborating on academic presentations and articles which bring prestige to faculty, CETL and the University

    The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning plans to continue to provide these valued services to Gannon University’s faculty, administration and staff. We will also develop innovative solutions to meet the future needs of CETL stakeholders. We expect to determine those needs through various assessment techniques including personal contact, surveys, informal conversations, input from the CETL Advisory Board, the University’s stated objectives as well as other environmental changes in the world of instructional technology.

    As Dr. Taylor’s pillars (Student Success and Leadership, Faculty Teaching and Scholarship, Globalization, Community/Erie-GAINS and Innovation) and the strategic plan III around those pillars begin to be clarified, CETL will support these endeavors.