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Personal and Professional Development

  • Sharpen your Skills or Learn New Skills

    Personal and professional development at Gannon University doesn’t always end with a degree. You can sharpen your skills with a few quick classes or learn new skills--with a certification—by choosing a longer course. Either way, you get knowledge essential for job and career success, especially if you want to change or advance your career while maintaining your current job. It’s a great way to improve your opportunities and broaden your scope of learning in these tough economic times.

  • We’ll Help you Reach your Career Goals – Short- or Long-term

    As strange as it may seem for a university to say this, sometimes a degree program is not for everyone.

    Gannon University has an abundance of noncredit opportunities--short-term classes intended for students who want to:

    • gain general knowledge
    • learn a new skill
    • upgrade existing skills
    • complete a certification required by their workplaces
    • develop personal interests.

    If your current position or long term goals include a change in your current line of work, getting a degree in your new field will probably be helpful. Especially if you don’t have any work experience in your new career, an associate’s degree may be a good way to get your “foot in the door” in the workplace.

    In today’s economy, gaining a competitive edge gives you the advantage in the job market. Gannon’s Personal and Professional Development programs can help you do just that.