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Welcome from the Dean

  • Welcome to the College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences!  We have a broad array of academic programs through which students gain essential skills in critical thinking, public speaking, impactful writing, and collaboration that prepare them for fulfilling careers across numerous disciplines and professional settings.  Our graduates are highly successful on the job market and in pursuing graduate and professional school beyond the bachelor's degree, depending on their own particular goals.

    Our programs offer opportunities for students to explore the world from many perspectives. Education in the humanities allows students to become global citizens and inspired leaders by learning about culture and diversity through study and service at home and abroad. Graduate programs continue that tradition by honing expertise and applying theory to practice.

    Current in their fields of expertise, our faculty members create dynamic and engaging learning communities where students grapple with essential questions of the human experience, and grow personally and professionally. Students have numerous opportunities to work individually with faculty members to further develop their knowledge and skills.

    I hope you will explore the program information found here and see what possibilities there are to discover.

    Lori D. Lindley, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences


  • Department Staff

    Lee             Cortina

    Lee A. Cortina

    High School Outreach Crdr, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience

    Emily           Cummings

    Emily P. Cummings

    Stud.Svcs.&Comm.Spclst., Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience
    +1 8148715351
    Office: PC 2024H

    Bobbi Jo        Fye

    Bobbi Jo Fye

    Administrative Assistant, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience
    +1 8148717549
    Office: PC 2024A

    Daniel          Hicks

    Daniel F. Hicks

    GO College Asst. Director, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience

    Sabrina         Kauffman

    Sabrina D. Kauffman

    Program Assistant, Honors Program
    +1 8148715749
    Office: PC 1202B

    Lori            Lindley

    Lori Lindley

    Dean, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience
    +1 8148717550
    Office: PC 2024B | View Full Profile

    Barbara         Priestap

    Barbara B. Priestap

    GO College Director, Col.Humanities,Ed.&SocScience
    +1 8148715458
    Office: PC 1017