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Program Objectives

  • Mission Statement 

    The Legal Studies Program mission, at Gannon University, is to provide consistency with the University mission, that includes preparing students to enter the legal field with the knowledge, skills and competency to be valued and respected members of the legal profession.

    Program Objectives

    The most important goal of the legal studies program is to prepare students to enter careers in the legal field, in law firms, courts, and public and private settings with the skills that are important to employers. This experience includes a strong exposure in what is considered ethical behavior, and with the understanding that without a law degree and bar admission, they will only work under the supervision of an attorney.  Other goals include the ability to work on a team and expand their knowledge through continuing legal education.  

    • Understand the structure of the State and Federal court system. 
    • Understand the differences between civil and criminal practice.
    • Analyze (by briefing) reported legal opinions.  
    • Research legal problems using primary and secondary resources.  
    • Write clear, effective legal memoranda, using proper citation form, and to write with good grammar and spelling skills. 
    • Conduct effective interviews with clients and witnesses.  
    • Understand the procedure in a civil suit and draft appropriate pleadings.  
    • Be familiar with basic concepts of business organizations and contract law.  
    • Recognize the ethical standards of the paralegal profession.