Organizational Learning and Leadership

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

The OLL doctoral program provides the working professional with the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead his or her organization in adapting, evolving and learning in an ever-changing environment.

  • Program Overview

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Learning and Leadership degree was founded on an interdisciplinary model that integrates two major areas of theory and practice: learning and leadership. Program participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in complex learning organizations. The program is designed to prepare practitioners to better analyze data, conduct research, solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of their organizations.  

    You will Experience

    • An academically rigorous program flexibly designed around the required 66 credits
    • A program that utilizes an in-class seminar format with students drawn from diverse professional backgrounds
    • The opportunity for transfer credit from previous graduate work
    • A Ph.D. program designed for the working professional with a combination of weeknight, hybrid, and online classes
    • Three years of academic classes in a prescribed format of 2 classes in the fall, 2 in the spring, and one in early summer.  Dissertation starts during year 2 of the program.

    You will achieve

    • Improved collegiality, teamwork, and development and sharing of knowledge which set the foundation for this interdisciplinary program 
    • Research experience in areas based in Organizational Learning and Leadership principles but practical to areas related to your work and/or interest areas
    • A dissertation founded in academic or applied research
    • Academic growth and career opportunities that will open unexpected doors
    • Opportunities for professional publishing and conference presentations during your studies
    • PhD completion in as little as 4 years

    You will study



    • Leadership Theory
    • Learning Theory
    • Implications to your current job
    • Qualitative Research
    • Quantitative Research