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Program Outcomes

  • All students complete a minimum of 60 semester hours for the degree. The curriculum is based on the following eight core counselor competency areas:

    1. Demonstrate understanding of the ethical, legal and professional spheres of counselor roles, responsibilities, and identity.
    2.  Demonstrate understanding of the complexities of social and cultural contexts for individuals and their implications for relationships.
    3.  Demonstrate understanding of human development across the lifespan and its significance for counseling relationships and strategies.
    4. Demonstrate understanding of career development and the interrelationships among and between work, mental well-being, relationships, and other life roles and factors.
    5. Demonstrate counselor characteristics, behaviors, interviewing, and counseling skills that influence the helping relationship.
    6. Demonstrate understanding of the dynamics, strategies, and conditions associated with group work effectiveness.
    7. Demonstrate competent use of assessment and diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders and conditions.
    8. Demonstrate competent use of research methods, needs assessment, and program evaluation skills important to the counseling profession.
    9. Demonstrate case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment planning skills that utilize developmental and multicultural knowledge and an understanding of therapeutic relationships within the context of clinical mental health counseling.
    10. Demonstrate self-awareness and self-development through engagement in active learning and reflectivity.

    CMHC Program Vital Statistics (2020-2021)

    • Number of program graduates from past year: 10
    • Completion rate: 100%
    • Licensure or certification examination pass rate: 100%
    • Job placement rate: 100%

    Program Evaluation

    The most recent evaluation of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program contains information pertaining to Counselor knowledge, Counselor awareness, Counselor-in-Training skills, consumer satisfaction, faculty evaluations and more. View the program retreat summary.