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Ruskin, Florida

📷 Ruskin, Florida Campus

Student Outcomes

  • NBCOT Pass Rates 

    The first class of Entry-level Doctorate students (Class of 2018) began coursework on June 1, 2015, and graduated in August 2018.

    The first class of Entry-level Doctorate students (Class of 2018) achieved a 100% pass rate on the NBCOT National Certification Examination.

    For more information as it relates to NBCOT pass rates/school performance please visit the following link:

    Student Retention, Graduation and Pass Rate

    Year Students Enrolled/Graduated Graduation Rate NBCOT Pass Rate
    2018 24/21 87.50% 100%
    2019 26/28 100% 100%
    2020 32/32 100% 97%
    Total 82/81 Graduates 95.80% 99%

    Student Scholarship 

    One hundred percent of all students are required to submit scholarly work for dissemination. As of December 2020, 66% of all graduates have published in various peer reviewed journals or have been accepted to present at local or national conferences.

    Student Scholarship

    Student Presentations

    Student Service Projects 

    In alignment with Gannon University’s mission, the OTD program provides multiple opportunities to serve our surrounding community.

    Students Volunteering

    Student Activities  

    Various opportunities are provided on and off campus to team build, network, have fun and socialize.

    Student Activities

    Students at Christmas and Outside Campus