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Program Goals

  • Program Goals

    CLASS YEAR Admit High-Quality Students: All students enrolled in the program have a GPA of >3.0 Academic Attrition Rate: An Academic attrition rate of 10% or less per class First-time Pass Rate on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE): 90% or higher per class Post-Graduation Employment: 90% of program graduates will be employed within six months of graduation
    Class of 2021 3.44 GPA 3%

    62% First Time
    97% All Takers

    100% **
    Class of 2022 3.57 GPA 0% 100% 100%***
    Class of 2023 3.64 GPA 10%

    Class of 2024 3.73 GPA

    Class of 2025 3.76 GPA

    *success in achieving goals will be posted on this page as data is available
    **100% employment of graduates who have passed the PANCE at 6 months
    ***100% employment of graduates who responded to program inquiry