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Ruskin, Florida

📷 Ruskin, Florida Campus

  • Master of Athletic Training in Ruskin, FL - 2 Year Degree Plan

    Summer I (10 Credits)

    • GGMAT500: Clinical Anatomy in Athletic Training (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT501: Foundations of Athletic Training practice (4 Credits)
    • GGMAT504: Clinical Applications of Care and Prevention in AT (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT513: Clinical in Experience in AT I (1 Credit)

    Fall I (10 credits)

    • GGMAT552: Clinical Evaluation I - Lower Extremity (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT532: Therapeutic Intervention I (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT514: Clinical Experience in AT II (3 Credits)

    Spring I (9 credits)

    • GGMAT552: Clinical Evaluation II - Upper Extremity (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT562: Therapeutic Intervention II (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT542: Clinical Experience in AT III (3 Credits)

    Summer II (7 credits)

    • GGMAT605: Clinical Evaluations III: Head, Neck and Spine (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT510: Advanced Strength and Conditioning (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT613: Clinical Experience in AT IV (1 Credit)

    Fall II (9 Credits)

    • GGMAT610: Clinical Evaluation IV - General Medical Skills (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT658: Administrative Application in Athletic Training (3 Credits)
    • GGMAT620: Clinical Experience in AT V (3 Credits)

    Spring II (9 Credits)

    • GGMAT640: Clinical Experience in AT VI (9 Credits)
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