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  • Physical Therapy Doctorate tuition and fees based on current year tuition rate for 2022-2023 Academic Year

    Tuition Rate

    • $10,490 part-time tuition per semester
    • $18,850 full-time tuition per semester
    • $48,190 - $56,550 total annual tuition cost (2 full-time and 1 part-time; 3 full-time)

    Estimated other annual costs

    • Books: $300
    • University Fee: $1,200
    • Lab Fee (total for curriculum): $250
    • Graduation Fee: $150

    Estimated Total Program Cost

    • $158,180 (7 full time semesters, 2 part time semesters)

    Description of Fees 

    University fee is $400/semester and is used to defray costs associated with student activities, technology, printing, etc.

    Course and Lab fees are used for perishable items used during lab, equipment safety checks and maintenance each semester, additional course resources such as electronic textbooks

    Graduation Fee is $150 and covers the cost of the diploma, tam, hood, gown.

    Student Financial Fact Sheet

    2021-22 Ruskin DPT Cohort
    Average student debt upon entering the program $14,870
    Average student debt accumulated during the DPT program $162,884
    Average total student debt upon completion of the DPT program $177,754