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Program Goals

  • Program Goals

    1. The program will provide a rich educational environment that produces graduates that can meet or exceed the demands of the current health care environment.
    2. Students and graduates will be reflective practitioners who utilize critical inquiry, the patient/client management model and evidence-based practice to make independent clinical decisions.
    3. Students and graduates will provide services in the community that promote the health and quality of life of the community.
    4. Students and graduates will advocate for individual patient/client needs as well as for the profession.
    5. Students and graduates will demonstrate respect for the diversity of individuals, cultures and the community.
    6. Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and development.
    7. The program and University will support faculty in their goal to engage in scholarship.
    8. Faculty will engage in scholarship of discovery, integration, application, teaching, and engagement.
    9. Faculty will produce and publish interprofessional scholarly work.
    10. The program will support faculty in their goal to engage in service locally, nationally and abroad.
    11. Faculty will model professionalism through involvement in the University, the profession and associated organizations.