• Business students have the opportunity to work with local and area businesses through the Erie Technology Incubator and Gannon University's Small Business Development Center.

    You Will Learn

    Gannon's management program prepares students to successfully manage the businesses of the future. The demands on the managers of the future to critically think and analyze systemic impacts will require heavy reliance on analytics, or data storage and modeling, which also implies an intrinsic understanding of process, measurement, forecasting, functional interdependence, causality, forward thinking and technology. Students will perform real-life projects for non-profit as well as for-profit entities using the classroom format. Students will learn firsthand how to develop and manage projects for external clients.

    You Will Experience

    Internship opportunities are abundant in local as well as regional businesses. Additionally, service-learning is integrated into the entire curriculum, giving students real-world project experience within the academic setting. Throughout the management curriculum students are challenged by performing such projects for external entities and are graded on their value-add to the entity. This not only gives Gannon students first-hand experience, but also opportunities to network within the community for jobs

    You Will Achieve

    As a management graduate your opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Such career opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • consultant
    • entrepreneur
    • executive management
    • middle management
    • project management
    • project controlling
    • quality management

    You will Study

    Students obtaining a degree in business administration are able to choose from ten majors including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare management, international management, management, marketing, risk management, sport management and marketing or supply chain management. The collaborative curriculum allows students to take courses in the various majors, including courses such as:

    ENTR 310: Organizational Innovation

    This course examines how individuals and organizations innovate. This is accomplished by studying organizations of all sizes to see what can be learned about the creative process of innovation, specifically around idea generation, evaluation and implementation. By the end of the semester, students will have identified and evaluated several product, service and non-profit ideas of their own.

    FINC 419: International Investments

    This course reviews and presents an analysis of the major investment vehicles, the instruments, the market, as well as the concepts of techniques used to analyze investments in a global context.

    SMGT 370: Principles of Sports Management

    This course covers the business of sport, including ethics in sport management, managing employee diversity in the sports industry, organizational theory and the study of sport, sport governance, international sport governance, basic law applied to sport, economics and sport, accounting and budgeting, financing sport, sponsorship, and group decision making and problem solving.

    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.

    You Will Earn

    Salaries in the industry vary depending on the location and type of organization.

    • Starting salary: $43,500
    • Mid-year salary: $71,000

    All salary information is compiled from data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and/or PayScale (