Environmental Health and Engineering

  • Master of Science in Environmental Health and Engineering
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

This dynamic program focuses on challenges in research and site-specific problem solving, offering collaboration with Gannon’s Dahlkemper School of Business. Gannon University is a regional leader in environmental quality, health and management, and is well-known as a center for environmental research, education and protection.

  • Program Overview

    The program in Environmental Health and Engineering is diverse and dynamic, focusing on challenges in research as well as site-specific problem solving. The Department of Environmental Science & Engineering draws upon the resources of the School of Business to contribute to this program, making Gannon University a regional leader in environmental quality, environmental health, and environmental management. Students whose career plans are more management and administrative in nature may pursue the Environmental Management option.  In all cases, students benefit from Gannon’s location in the city of Erie on the shores of Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie, with access to the Environaut, Gannon’s research vessel, and utilizing the University’s relationships with various local industries and environmental agencies.  Through this program, Gannon University has become the center of environmental research, exploration, education, and protection in the region. 

    What Makes Us Different


    • Students are working on renewable energy research projects that turn waste into biofuels, solving two problems at once
    • Environmental Health & Engineering Students work on water pollution related to farming and gas drilling
    • Students are involved in public health issues such as exposure to lead and other toxic substances