Business Administration

  • Accelerated
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

The Master of Business Administration program provides students with the vision, values and skills to lead successful professional and personal lives. The program boasts a network of over 1,400 successful alumni, including Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s and more.

  • Program Overview

    Gannon University is a student-oriented teaching university.  This philosophy guides our approach to curriculum design, teaching, and advising.  We recognize and understand the dramatic changes ongoing in the world of business.  The mission of the Gannon MBA Program is to provide students with the vision, values, and skills required to lead successful professional and rewarding personal lives within this exciting new world.  Our approach is to pay careful attention to each student, challenge them to grow, and help them to reach their own personal and career objectives.  Courses in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program are rigorous and challenging by design, but the faculty is prepared to work with each student to build the skills needed for the business world of the 21st century. 

    Our experience as the region’s first and largest graduate school of business has taught us some important lessons.  The MBA program celebrated their anniversary of 45 years in Fall 2015.  Simply having a master’s degree, regardless of the type of degree or apparent status of the degree-granting institution, is no assurance of success or happiness.  To succeed in business, individuals need real skills, an understanding of the world of business and an appreciation for life. Our network of over 1,400 MBA alumni is a proud testament to Gannon’s ability to make success happen for its graduate students. Gannon MBA Alumni include Presidents/CEO’s, Vice Presidents, CFO’s, Treasurers, and Managing Partners.  In addition, over  60  have earned advanced degrees, including doctorates from some of the most prestigious academic institutions in North America (Indiana University, University of Michigan and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Stanford University to name a few).  More than 45 Gannon MBA’s are currently teaching in colleges and universities. 

    One of the common dreams of graduate business students has traditionally been to own a business.  Our alumni currently include over 75 individuals who are owners/operators of their own businesses. Gannon has continued to provide both instruction and motivation for these entrepreneurs and our faculty is proud of its supportive efforts in helping these alumni businesses to succeed.   

    What Makes Us Different

    • MBA courses are available evenings, weekends and online to provide for flexible scheduling options
    • MBA classes include reinforced practical and professional qualification from  our faculty
    • The program includes options for students to pursue a general or specialized MBA with a concentration


    Gannon University offers:

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • A Five-Year Bachelor & Masters degree
    • Gannon Online Degree
    • MBA Bridge Program for International students

    Program Director:
    Dr. Celene Kalivoda

    The Gannon MBA can be designed either as a general degree or with a concentration. Concentration areas include Finance, Management, and Marketing.  The Gannon MBA Program may be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis.