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Dahlkemper School of Business

  • 21st Century business education for 21st Century business


    Training the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future is the focus at the Dahlkemper School of Business Administration.

    The Dahlkemper School is the first business school in northwestern Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate programs that are both nationally accredited (from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs).

    Two factors unique to Gannon University set the Dahlkemper School apart:

    1. The close integration with engineering under the umbrella of the College of Engineering and Business
    2. The Small Business Development Center, located on Gannon’s campus, which affords students with a unique opportunity to work on projects and assignments for area businesses through classes and internships

    As a result, graduates are unusually well prepared for a future where science and technology may drive the economy. And qualified juniors may choose to pursue an accelerated MBA program that will allow them to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree work in just five years, instead of the traditional six.