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Undergraduate Physical Therapy Program

  • Gannon's undergraduate Physical Therapy Program prepares students for acceptance into Gannon's graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy program.  With the guidance of a physical therapy advisor, the student selects courses to fulfill prerequisites specific to the graduate professional program.

    • Completion of the undergraduate degree with required prerequisite courses qualifies the graduate for application to many physical therapy programs throughout the country. 
    • Seventy-five percent of the seats in Gannon's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program-Erie Campus are reserved for "qualified" Gannon graduates.
    • The professional-level education for physical therapists is only offered at the graduate level (doctorate degree), regardless of the institution offering the program. 
    • Undergraduate physical therapy students entering as freshmen may either be placed into the 3+3 guaranteed option or 4+3 guaranteed option based upon meeting program requirements.
    • Students must meet minimum qualifications, based on high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores, and then may select the physical therapy option which is available to them.
    • The undergraduate physical therapy student will earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science while completing all required pre-requisite courses for admission into the graduate DPT program.