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Industrial Partnership

  • 1. Gannon-GE 

    The expertise of the ECE faculty in Embedded Software Engineering has resulted in the successful professional-track graduate program that has been supported in a large part by General Electric Transportation Systems (GETS) in Erie since 1989. In this professional track, students take graduate courses at Gannon and work part time at GETS in Erie. This yearly contract has brought in sizeable revenues to the department as well as to Gannon. The ECE department has also managed to recruit many excellent national and international students from top-ranked universities, including those in China, India, Turkey and Pakistan. The Gannon/GETS program has certainly placed Gannon’s ECE department on the world map. For more info, please click here .

    2. Internship & Co-ops 

    Internships and coop positions for undergraduate and graduate ECE students are available with local industries such as Lord Corporation, GE-Rail, Bliley, and Sunburst electronics. The students can work during the semester or the summer period on projects identified by the industry. Students are encouraged to visit The Center for Experiential Education to explore all opportunities available in the region as well as in the nation.

    3. Engineering Advisory Council (EAC)

    The Engineering Advisory Council is comprised of representative members from local industry and the faculty members of the engineering departments at Gannon University. The council meets twice each year (once in each academic semester) to discuss issues related to the accreditation of the engineering programs and industry supported projects for the students.

    4. Erie Technology Incubator (ETI)

    The Erie Technology Incubator (ETI) was established by Gannon University and demonstrates the dedicated commitment of the University to the Erie community.

    The desire and strategy was to encourage investment and create knowledge-based jobs for the Northwestern Pennsylvania region. Its purpose is to facilitate the development of advanced-technology industries in the Erie region by providing mentoring and support for entrepreneurs. It does this by nurturing start-up advanced-technology businesses over a three- to five-year period.

    ETI provides early-stage, high-growth technology-based companies with the resources necessary to support them during this challenging phase. ETI offers resources, mentoring, nurturing and business acumen to help technology-based start-up companies take that next step both in business development or funding.

    The facility, located at 130 West 8th Street, Erie, can house up to 150 people and provides the infrastructure and resources to assist up to 25 emerging companies at any time. The facility is designed to assist technologies in the scientific, engineering and information technologies arena.

    ETI also has external members and offers "virtual incubation," giving businesses the flexibility to choose where they work from while still being able to access full support and benefits.


    5. Industry-sponsored Projects

    The following are some of the ECE projects supported by industry. For an extended list of sponsored projects, please send an inquiry to the department contact person.

    • High-altitude weather ballooning system
      Sponsor: PA Space Grant Consortium/NASA
      Point of Contact: Dr. Wookwon Lee 

    • Wave-front image-based auto-refractor design
      Sponsor: PA Keystone Innovation Grant
      Point of Contact: Dr. Ramakrishnan Sundaram

    • Indoor positioning system through wireless networking
      Sponsor: PA Keystone Innovation Grant
      Contact faculty: Dr. Wookwon Lee

    • Software Tools for Assessment of Program Outcomes
      Sponsor: PA Keystone Innovation Grant
      Contact faculty: Dr. Fong Mak 

     6. Center for Communications and Information Systems

    The Center for Communications and Information Systems (C2IS) was created to build constructive partnerships with industry in its surrounding regions and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its core activities are to conduct applied research and technology development of practical value to the communications and information systems industry within the Commonwealth. The Center aims at ultimately becoming a de-facto technology powerhouse for its member companies, providing technical expertise and support for innovative products. The Center is also designed to carry out collaborative projects with its member companies, pursuing federal funding opportunities from various sources.