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About Electrical Engineering

    1. Electrical Engineering is essential to modern society, driving innovation in fields of robotics, autonomous systems, health care, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence. Electrical Engineering has applications in almost all industries, such as communication, consumer, energy, infrastructure, health care, manufacturing, military, robotics, and transportation. Hence, students can find jobs in this vast array of industries.

      Program Educational Objectives

      The Electrical Engineering Program has two options: Electrical and Electronics Option and Bioelectrical Engineering Option. Our program integrates the Liberal Studies Core and emphasizes holistic student development in accordance with the mission of Gannon University. The program educational objectives, which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, are to produce graduates who:

      • Demonstrate professional ethics and personal values in daily and professional life that exercise informed literary and aesthetic judgments by leveraging diverse cultures and societies
      • Demonstrate teamwork and leadership qualities and/or attainment of leadership roles in a global work environment
      • Demonstrate technical competency in applying comprehensive engineering knowledge for their successful career in rapidly changing professional environment
      • Demonstrate passion for life-long learning through engaging in the rapidly changing and emerging areas of technology, and/or continued professional development

      To achieve these objectives, the ECE Programs maintain a modern curriculum, well-qualified faculty, a strong advising system, and the state-of-the-art laboratories. 

      Program Information

      Undergraduate Program

      The undergraduate Electrical Engineering program is designed to guide the student to achieve technical competency and effective communication and leadership skills on projects, multi-disciplinary teams and society. The aim is to assure a sound preparation for adaptation in exciting and rapidly-changing areas of technology and the passion for lifelong learning. A part of this preparation is learning how to respond to ethical and public issues, including safety and social and environmental concerns.

      Undergraduate Fact Sheet 

      Graduate Programs

      The graduate programs and curriculum in ECE are designed to provide advanced studies for the graduate engineer who wishes to continue preparation for effective participation in the professions of electrical, software and systems engineering. The program also provides continuing education in advanced subjects for the working engineer who acknowledges the need to stay abreast of the rapidly changing technological world. Emphasis is placed on the development of the engineer’s capacity for independent study and continued professional growth.

      M.S. in Electrical Engineering Fact Sheet
      M.S. in Embedded Software Engineering Fact Sheet